A Rider's Trial

You have obtained a Monstie, but the Rite of Kinship is far from over! Now you must head to the Mt. Pondry Caves and immerse the Kinship Stone given to you by Chief Omna in the water there. But what could be waiting in the caves...?

All In One Basket

You have overcome the trials and become a Rider. Now your true training begins! Your first task, given by Dan, is to find a monster egg and bring it back to the village. Hatching eggs will get you new Monsties! Get on your Monstie and head for Pondry Hills!

My First Combo

Your Rider training has only just begun! Today's lesson: Combining for Beginners! Select Combine from the Camp Menu and make 5 Potions! Potions are made from Herbs and Blue Mushrooms. If you don't have enough, go find more in Pondry Hills.

Chasing the Blue Bear

You have finally been entrusted with an important mission from Chief Omna! The location: Whistill Forest. You are excited about your first expedition, to confront an angry Arzuros known as The Glutton. Steel yourself and set out on your mission!

Cheval and Lilia

Cheval, his hatred of the Black Blight deepening, has run away from Hakum Village. Lilia chased him, heading into Whistill Forest, where the Blackgrass was first found! You must go after them, quickly!

Yian Kut-Who?

You have passed Dan's first test... Today's training is slightly different: You will be investigating a Yian Kut-Ku! Head to the Old Mine in the rocky section of Pondry Hills!

The Forbidden Land

The Black Blight continues its inexorable advance. Now is the time for action! If you sneak away from Chief Omna and head to the Forbidden Land before Dan, you'll be able to solve the problem and prove yourself a true Rider!

1 Year Later

A year has passed since the Nargacuga's attack. Hakum Village is slowly rebuilding back to its former glory. Today is the day of the Rite of Kinship! It's the final step to becoming a Rider, but what will you have to do?!

A Catavan Quandary

A Catavaner is in trouble at the Old Mine: A Yian Kut-Ku has stolen part of the cart! The sly bird, known as The Veteran, waits on the other side of the lake. Do whatever you can to fix the cart!

Take on the demo trial!

Your first test as a newly-minted Rider is to slay a Khezu. But first you must strengthen your party by obtaining 2 eggs. Collect and hatch 2 more eggs, then go after the Khezu!

The Mountain Hermit

While on the way to Gildegaran, you reach the white plains of the Darj Snowfields. Chief Omna told you of a Wyverian who knows the secrets of the Rite of Channeling living here. All you know is that he's "a young handsome man"... Where could he be?

The Mysterious Rider

As you enter the Wintertide Tunnel, you find a girl collapsed there. Enveloped by her Barioth, she remains unconscious. You can't leave her like this, so you decide to head to the nearby cabins.

A Barioth Leads the Way

On leaving Wintertide Tunnel, the girl's Barioth is waiting! It seems to be telling you to follow it. Perhaps if you follow the Barioth, it will lead you to the cabins.

Avinia's Test

The Rider, who introduces herself as Avinia, claims to be from a different village. To prove to her that you are a Rider, you must collect Mountain Herbs. It seems they are found in precarious places that can only be reached while riding.

The Darj Rock Baths

The Riddlemaster appears suddenly. He says if you can bring him Hot Spring Dumplings, he will let you stay in the cabins! You set out to the Darj Rock Baths to find some. Maybe there will be a way to heal Avinia's wounds too...

A Monstrous Riddle

The riddle reads "My fur is white like snow, my ears long like icicles." You vaguely remember a white monster matching that description... It was somewhere around the lake... What was it called? La... La... La-something.

Through Wintertide Tunnel

Now that your Monstie has been powered up by the Rite of Channeling, it's time to move on to Gildegaran! But beware! The Khezu that attacked Avinia lurks in Wintertide Tunnel...

Arrival in Gildegaran!

You've finally reached Gildegaran, but the townspeople seem afraid of your Monsties! You have to ease their minds somehow... For now, you decide to follow Navirou's advice and go to the Hunter's Guild to introduce yourself to the Guildmaster!

Majek's Request

The Guildmaster, Majek, has asked you to go out and slay a Royal Ludroth that has appeared on the coast of the Monsonne Plains. Go and deal with it, and report to Majek when you're finished!

Totally Rad 'Shroom Hunt

You accepted a challenging quest from Reverto, or so you thought. Collecting mushrooms in the Babda Rainforest... It doesn't sound too difficult, but maybe there's some kind of hidden plan at work here...

Scriveners Request

Captain Simone of the Royal Scriveners has asked you to help with a monster survey. A Qurupeco has been sighted acting strangely in the Monsonne Plains. You decide to check it out!

To Oasum!

The Black Fiend has been sighted in Reverto's hometown, Albarax. It may be connected to the Black Blight! First you must head to Oasum, where Hunters are assembling to plot their next move.

Quicksand Search

A whirlpool of quicksand stands between you and the village of Albarax. Large monsters must have caused this! Find the 3 monsters that hide underground: Barroth, Daimyo Hermitaur, and Cephadrome, and get rid of them!

The Blighted Cephadrome

The source of the quicksand was the Cephadrome! A mysterious scientist appeared with some kind of mecha-monster and a strange mood descended... The Black Blight still needs to be purified! Prepare yourself and head for the quicksand!

The Black Fiend

You made it through to Albarax! There, the Black Fiend, a blighted Diablos lies in wait. It will not be an ordinary fight, but you must show everyone your true power as a Rider!

Bring the Water Back!

Finally, peace has returned to Albarax. But the village is still in ruins. Maybe breaking the rock holding back the spring will restore the village... Do you have a monster with the Rock Breaker ability, like Yian Kut-Ku or Lagombi?


Albarax is nearly restored to its former glory. Now, you must gather Grand Felvine using your Monstie Expedition Party! You can send out your Expedition Party at the Stables. Grand Felvine should convince the Felynes to help!

A New Rider

According to Lilia, another Rider was seen in Gildegaran. Could it be Cheval? Or maybe Avinia? Lilia seems concerned, so you should search for that Rider...

Into the Volcano!

Ratha, the monster you forged a bond with so long ago, is alive! Ride the grown-up Ratha and fly to the Dovan Volcano. According to Simone, Dr. Manelger is there! Head for the village in the volcano, Geo-Fulkright!

Odd Rock, Odder Felyne

The entrance to Dovan Mines is blocked by a large rock. You should be able to enter via the Mine Path on the clifftop. But how does Navirou know the way when he claims to have never been here before? Something is strange...

Big Barrel Bombs

Dr. Manelger was here after all! And the rock that was blocking the way... Wait, it moved?! Now that the route is open, you are able to meet up with Dommel and the others. If you bring him some Flame Rocks, he will destroy the rock with a Big Barrel Bomb UG!

Escape from Lava Cave!

The large rock was actually a modified Uragaan! Manelger and his assistant ran away toward Dovan Volcano! Navirou is acting strangely again, but now you must slip through the lava and give chase!

Debli and the Fake Stone

You met Debli, the fake Rider who you caught in Gildegaran selling fake Kinship Stones, once again! He doesn't seem to have any bad intent, though. He claims to have picked up the stones around here. Head further in and find the fake Kinship Stones!

The Numbers

You met Number 6 in the underground garbage dump. There are also Numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, and it turns out Navirou is Number 5! With the power of all of the Numbers, you might be able to stand against Dr. Manelger. Meet up with the other Numbers!

Doctor Showdown!

Navirou has recovered his memory at last! Before escaping on the Rath-of-Meow, you must face off against Dr. Manelger! He should be in the Magma Chamber, deep within the laboratory!

Chase the Assistant!

In the mines, you ran into Manelger's assistant! Just as Captain Simone said, the Doctor's hideout should be just through here, so chase the assistant!

Onward to Felyne Island!

Pansy, who saved Navirou's life, invites you, Avinia, and Debli to come with her to Koapni Village. Take the boat given to you by Dommel and set off to Koapni Village! When you get there, go and introduce yourself to the chief!

A Rolling Plan

Navirou explains his sad past... You have to resolve the misunderstanding with the others! Collect Gargwa Feathers and make some lovely bedrolls for the villagers to roll themselves up in! They'll surely appreciate it!

The Creeping Blight

The dark shadow of the Black Blight extends over the peaceful Koapni Village... You must do your duty as a Rider and investigate! Head to Paupau Beach to find out what happened. If you find anything, go and tell Chief Mallerie!

Save Pansy!

Just as a nice mood is developing with Navirou and Pansy, a blighted Yian Garuga appears! Pansy is in danger! She was taken away to Paupau Beach!

A World in Danger

The Black Blight is spreading across the world! But hope endures. The legendary Rider, Redan, and his White Dragon, Versa Pietru, saved the world from the Black Blight before. The murals in his ruins might contain a clue! Head for the Babda Rainforest!

The White Dragon

"Cloaked in Black Blight... From a great tree's root, a White Dragon comes." If the murals are correct, then the White Dragon Egg might be in the Great Tree of Babda... Climb it and find a Versa Pietru Egg!

Protect the Kinship Ore!

The Versa Pietru Egg was stolen by Dr. Manelger, and the only thing that can be done now is to purify the Kinship Ores to protect against the Black Blight. Of the remaining Kinship Ores, one is in Hakum Village! Head there at once!

Hakum Village Kinship Ore

The Kinship Ore in Hakum Village was hidden! It is actually in the Mt. Pondry Caves, the place where you underwent your Rider trial. There is a hidden passage in the Room of Trials leading to the Ore! Head to the Mt. Pondry Caves!

Two Kinship Ores

Two more Kinship Ores have been located! One is somewhere in Koapni Village, and the other is deep in the Babda Rainforest... Find the two Kinship Ores and power up your Kinship Stone!

A Letter from Lilia

A letter has arrived from Lilia! It seems that she wants to meet and talk to you right away. Something might have happened! Get on a boat at the port and head for Gildegaran's Hall of Scriveners!

The Source of the Problem

The last Kinship Ore lies at Mt. Celion, the place where the Black Dread was created... The entrance to Mt. Celion is in the Ruins of Zalam, accessible only to those recognized by Redan. The end is in sight... Head to the Ruins of Zalam in Darj Snowfields!

Chase after Cheval!

Cheval hatched the Versa Pietru and opened the gate to the ruins. Does that mean Cheval has reached the same state as Redan? He continues to advance silently toward Mt. Celion. Chase after him!

The Black Dread

"A place devoid, has nothing but Blight..." Cheval's Kinship Stone breaks, and Versa Pietru is transformed into Makili Pietru. If the Black Dread reaches the last Kinship Ore, the world will end... There's no time to waste! You must stop Makili Pietru!

Return the Kinship Stone!

Your Kinship Stone is broken... If Redan's soul is contained within, you should return it to him, in the place where he rests: the Ruins of Redan in the Babda Rainforest.

Hermitaur RepellingSlay 5 HermitaurPondry Hills etc.50EXP
Blue MenaceSlay 7 VelocipreyPondry Hills etc.50EXP
Rolling PanicSlay 5 Konchu (Yellow)Pondry Caves etc.50EXP
Burn Medicine RunDeliver 3 Aloe LeavesPondry Hills etc.
Herb x2
I Want to Paint!Deliver 3 PaintberriesPondry Hills etc.
Herb x2
Perfect PreparationDeliver specified bone materialsAnywhere0EXP
To Pondry Hills!Deliver Pondry Hills commoditiesPondry Hills0EXP
Blue Enemy of Love!Slay a VelocidromePondry Hills etc.30EXP
The Honey GuardSlay an ArzurosPondry Hills etc.30EXP
Call of the Kut-KuSlay a Yian Kut-KuPondry Hills etc.50EXP
Onward to Darj!Deliver Darj Snowfields commoditiesDarj Snowfields0EXP
Bulldrome? RUN!Slay a BulldromeDarj Snowfields etc.200EXP
Enchanting Ice ShowSlay a LagombiDarj Snowfields etc.200EXP
Shape-Shifter Shark?Slay a ZamtriosDarj Snowfields etc.200EXP
A Fascinating KhezuSlay a KhezuW. Tunnel etc.400EXP
Tingling Tongues!Deliver 2 Popo TonguesDarj Snowfields etc.0EXP
To Monsonne!Deliver Plains/Desert commoditiesPlains etc.0EXP
Altaroth Alert!Slay 5 AltarothPlains etc.400EXP
Bye-bye Genprey!Slay 6 GenpreyPlains etc.400EXP
Clamorous QurupecoSlay a QurupecoPlains etc.500EXP
A Superior SpongeSlay a Royal LudrothPlains etc.500EXP
Handy HidesSlay a GypcerosRainforest etc.500EXP
Slagtoth Chic?Deliver 5 Slagtoth HidesRainforest etc.0EXP
Trapped in the WebSlay a NerscyllaRainforest etc.500EXP
The Queen's Day OutSlay a RathianPlains etc.500EXP
A Dune-surfer's LifeSlay 5 CephalosTrese Desert etc.400EXP
Yum! Fatty TomatoesDeliver 3 Fatty TomatoesTrese Desert etc.0EXP
The ParalyzerSlay a GendromeTrese Desert etc.500EXP
The Sturdy ShieldSlay a Daimyo HermitaurTrese Desert etc.500EXP
Bog DivingSlay a BarrothTrese Desert etc.500EXP
Boss of the CephalosSlay a CephadromeTrese Desert etc.500EXP
Onwards to Babda!Deliver Babda Rainforest commoditiesBabda Rainforest0EXP
Despot of the DesertSlay a DiablosTrese Desert etc.1,000EXP
Reverberating RoarSlay a TigrexDarj Snowfields etc.1,000EXP
Watch Out for Rocks!Slay a BasariosDovan Volcano etc.1,500EXP
A Crimson BnahabraSlay 5 Bnahabra (Red)Dovan Volcano etc.1,000EXP
Volcanic ToxicitySlay 7 IopreyDovan Volcano etc.1,000EXP
Poisonous ProbingSlay an IodromeDovan Volcano etc.1,200EXP
Feelings & Fire HerbsDeliver 5 Fire HerbsDovan Volcano etc.0EXP
Onwards to Dovan!Deliver Volcano commoditiesDovan Volcano0EXP
Ore Collection!Deliver mining point materialsAnywhere0EXP
Mining MenaceSlay an UragaanDovan Volcano etc.1,400EXP
Forged by VolcanoSlay a GraviosDovan Volcano etc.1,500EXP
Lava Dragon?!?!?!Slay an AgnaktorDovan Volcano etc.1,600EXP
Purrfect Steak!Deliver 10 Raw MeatAnywhere0EXP
To Naubaka!Deliver Naubaka commoditiesNaubaka Island0EXP
Seeking Giant Bugs!Deliver specified bug materialsAnywhere0EXP
Naubaka Showdown!Slay 8 JaggiAowa Valley etc.1,200EXP
Flotsam Great JaggiSlay a Great JaggiAowa Valley etc.1,500EXP
Beware, Prankster!Slay a Kecha WachaPaupau Beach etc.1,800EXP
Sandy Yian Garuga!Slay a Yian GarugaPaupau Beach etc.2,000EXP
Secret of the LightSlay 5 Great ThunderbugsRainforest etc.1,500EXP
Farting Panic!Slay a CongalalaRainforest etc.2,000EXP
Rumbling RecitalSlay a ZinogreRainforest etc.2,500EXP
Beware, Shakalaka!Slay 5 ShakalakaPondry Caves etc.1,500EXP
The King's DescentSlay a RathalosPondry Hills etc.2,700EXP
Ninja NargacugaSlay a NargacugaPondry Caves etc.2,700EXP
King of the Ocean!Slay a LagiacrusPaupau Beach etc.2,800EXP
To Mt. Celion!Deliver Mt. Celion commoditiesMt. Celion0EXP
Tranquilizing TerrorSlay a Great BaggiMt. Celion etc.2,500EXP
Freezing FangsSlay a BariothMt. Celion etc.3,000EXP
Blue Gang of the IceSlay 6 BaggiMt. Celion etc.2,000EXP
Great DracophagesSlay 9 Great Dracophage BugsMt. Celion etc.2,300EXP
The Black OmenSlay 5 RemobraRuins of Zalam etc.2,500EXP
Test of Strength!Slay a BrachydiosRuins of Zalam etc.4,000EXP
Destruction DaemonSlay a RajangRuins of Zalam etc.5,000EXP
Thunder Visions (+)Slay a KirinRainforest etc.10,000EXP
One Tall Horn (+)Slay a MonoblosTrese Desert etc.10,000EXP
Seregios's Secret (+)Slay a SeregiosPondry Hills etc.10,000EXP
Annihilating Wind (+)Slay a Kushala DaoraMt. Celion etc.15,000EXP
Destructive Flame (+)Slay a TeostraDovan Volcano etc.15,000EXP
Commeowdities? (+)Deliver high-rank commoditiesAnywhere0EXP
Herbivore Bones! (+)Deliver 10 Herbivore BonesAnywhere
Herb x20
Fanged Beast Fur (+)Deliver 10 Fanged Beast FursAnywhere0EXP
Wanted: Bones! (+)Deliver specified bone materialsAnywhere0EXP
Troubled Sons (cont.)Albarax MarketAnywhere0EXP
Neopteron Shells! (+)Deliver 10 Neopteron ShellsAnywhere
Honey x10
Scaly Birds (+)Deliver 10 Bird Wyvern Scales+Anywhere0EXP
Barrel Lid Trade (+)Deliver 5 Barrel LidsAnywhere0EXP
Eternal RomanticismDeliver 10 Bottle CapsAnywhere0EXP
Mazewalker Self (+)Deliver 1 Mazewalker's SealLabyrinth0EXP
Mazewalker Bond (+)Deliver 1 Mazewalker's SealLabyrinth0EXP
Arzuros Hunting HornDeliver Arzuros materials (7pts)Pondry Hills etc.0EXP
Arzuros ArmorDeliver Arzuros materials (8pts)Pondry Hills etc.0EXP
Kut-Ku Great SwordDeliver Yian Kut-Ku materials (7pts)Pondry Hills etc.0EXP
Yian Kut-Ku ArmorDeliver Yian Kut-Ku materials (8pts)Pondry Hills etc.0EXP
B. Kut-Ku ArmorDeliver Blue Yian Kut-Ku materials (8pts)Pondry Hills etc.0EXP
Lagombi ArmorDeliver Lagombi materials (8pts)Darj Snowfields etc.0EXP
Zamtrios Weapon SetDeliver Zamtrios materials (10pts)Darj Snowfields etc.0EXP
Zamtrios ArmorDeliver Zamtrios materials (8pts)Darj Snowfields etc.0EXP
Bulldrome HammerDeliver Bulldrome materials (7pts)Darj Snowfields etc.0EXP
Veloci Great SwordDeliver Velocidrome materials (7pts)Pondry Hills etc.0EXP
Veloci ArmorDeliver Velocidrome materials (8pts)Pondry Hills etc.0EXP
Khezu Weapon SetDeliver Khezu materials (10pts)W. Tunnel etc.0EXP
Khezu ArmorDeliver Khezu materials (8pts)W. Tunnel etc.0EXP
Red Khezu ArmorDeliver Red Khezu materials (8pts)Darj Snowfields etc.0EXP
Qurupeco HammerDeliver Qurupeco materials (7pts)Plains etc.0EXP
Qurupeco ArmorDeliver Qurupeco materials (8pts)Plains etc.0EXP
Gypceros HammerDeliver Gypceros materials (7pts)Rainforest etc.0EXP
Gypceros ArmorDeliver Gypceros materials (8pts)Rainforest etc.0EXP
Daimyo Great SwordDeliver Daimyo Hermitaur materials (7pts)Trese Desert etc.0EXP
Daimyo ArmorDeliver Daimyo Hermitaur materials (8pts)Trese Desert etc.0EXP
Plum Daimyo ArmorDeliver Plum Daimyo Hermitaur materials (8pts)Plains etc.0EXP
Diablos Great SwordDeliver Diablos materials (7pts)Trese Desert etc.0EXP
Diablos ArmorDeliver Diablos materials (8pts)Trese Desert etc.0EXP
Black Diablos ArmorDeliver Black Diablos materials (8pts)Trese Desert etc.0EXP
Tigrex Weapon SetDeliver Tigrex materials (10pts)Darj Snowfields etc.0EXP
Tigrex ArmorDeliver Tigrex materials (8pts)Darj Snowfields etc.0EXP
Cephalos ArmorDeliver Cephadrome materials (8pts)Trese Desert etc.0EXP
Gendrome SwordDeliver Gendrome materials (7pts)Plains etc.0EXP
Nerscylla Grt SwordDeliver Nerscylla materials (7pts)Rainforest etc.0EXP
Nerscylla ArmorDeliver Nerscylla materials (8pts)Rainforest etc.0EXP
S. Nerscylla ArmorDeliver Shrouded Nerscylla materials (8pts)Trese Desert etc.0EXP
Barroth SwordDeliver Barroth materials (7pts)Trese Desert etc.0EXP
Barroth ArmorDeliver Barroth materials (8pts)Trese Desert etc.0EXP
Bug Hunting HornDeliver low-grade insect materials (10pts)Anywhere0EXP
Rathian Weapon SetDeliver Rathian materials (10pts)Plains etc.0EXP
Rathian ArmorDeliver Rathian materials (8pts)Plains etc.0EXP
Pink Rathian ArmorDeliver Pink Rathian materials (8pts)Perennial Pass etc.0EXP
Ludroth Weapon SetDeliver Royal Ludroth materials (10pts)Plains etc.0EXP
Ludroth ArmorDeliver Royal Ludroth materials (8pts)Plains etc.0EXP
Agnaktor Hnting HrnDeliver Agnaktor materials (7pts)Dovan Volcano etc.0EXP
Agnaktor ArmorDeliver Agnaktor materials (8pts)Dovan Volcano etc.0EXP
Uragaan Weapon SetDeliver Uragaan materials (10pts)Dovan Volcano etc.0EXP
Uragaan ArmorDeliver Uragaan materials (8pts)Dovan Volcano etc.0EXP
Gravios SwordDeliver Gravios materials (7pts)Dovan Volcano etc.0EXP
Gravios ArmorDeliver Gravios materials (8pts)Dovan Volcano etc.0EXP
Brute Tigrex ArmorDeliver Brute Tigrex materials (8pts)Dovan Volcano etc.0EXP
Iodrome SwordDeliver Iodrome materials (7pts)Dovan Volcano etc.0EXP
Basarios HammerDeliver Basarios materials (7pts)Dovan Volcano etc.0EXP
Basarios ArmorDeliver Basarios materials (8pts)Dovan Volcano etc.0EXP
Yian Garuga Wpn SetDeliver Yian Garuga materials (10pts)Paupau Beach etc.0EXP
Yian Garuga ArmorDeliver Yian Garuga materials (8pts)Paupau Beach etc.0EXP
Black Belt ArmorDeliver Bronze Ticket (1pt)Albarax0EXP
Kecha Weapon SetDeliver Kecha Wacha materials (10pts)Paupau Beach etc.0EXP
Kecha Wacha ArmorDeliver Kecha Wacha materials (8pts)Paupau Beach etc.0EXP
Great Jaggi Wpn SetDeliver Great Jaggi materials (10pts)Aowa Valley etc.0EXP
Great Jaggi ArmorDeliver Great Jaggi materials (8pts)Aowa Valley etc.0EXP
Purple Ludroth ArmorDeliver Purple Ludroth materials (8pts)Aowa Valley etc.0EXP
Black Gravios ArmorDeliver Black Gravios materials (8pts)Rainforest etc.0EXP
Zinogre Weapon SetDeliver Zinogre materials (10pts)Rainforest etc.0EXP
Zinogre ArmorDeliver Zinogre materials (8pts)Rainforest etc.0EXP
Nargacuga Wpn SetDeliver Nargacuga materials (10pts)Pondry Caves etc.0EXP
Nargacuga ArmorDeliver Nargacuga materials (8pts)Pondry Caves etc.0EXP
G. Nargacuga ArmorDeliver Green Nargacuga materials (8pts)Rainforest etc.0EXP
R. Basa Hunting HornDeliver Ruby Basarios materials (7pts)Pondry Caves etc.0EXP
Ruby Basarios ArmorDeliver Ruby Basarios materials (8pts)Pondry Caves etc.0EXP
Conga Hunting HornDeliver Congalala materials (7pts)Rainforest etc.0EXP
Congalala ArmorDeliver Congalala materials (8pts)Rainforest etc.0EXP
E. Congalala ArmorDeliver Emerald Congalala materials (8pts)Rainforest etc.0EXP
Rathalos Weapon SetDeliver Rathalos materials (10pts)Pondry Hills etc.0EXP
Rathalos ArmorDeliver Rathalos materials (8pts)Pondry Hills etc.0EXP
A. Rathalos ArmorDeliver Azure Rathalos materials (8pts)Pondry Hills etc.0EXP
A. Kecha ArmorDeliver Ash Kecha Wacha materials (8pts)Aowa Valley etc.0EXP
P. Gypceros ArmorDeliver Purple Gypceros materials (8pts)Rainforest etc.0EXP
Lagiacrus Wpn SetDeliver Lagiacrus materials (10pts)Paupau Beach etc.0EXP
Lagiacrus ArmorDeliver Lagiacrus materials (8pts)Paupau Beach etc.0EXP
I. Lagiacrus ArmorDeliver Ivory Lagiacrus materials (8pts)Paupau Beach etc.0EXP
G. Agnaktor ArmorDeliver Glacial Agnaktor materials (8pts)Mt. Celion etc.0EXP
C. Qurupeco ArmorDeliver Crimson Qurupeco materials (8pts)Rainforest etc.0EXP
S. Zinogre ArmorDeliver Stygian Zinogre materials (8pts)Ruins of Zalam etc.0EXP
Great Baggi ArmorDeliver Great Baggi materials (8pts)Mt. Celion etc.0EXP
Brachydios Wpn SetDeliver Brachydios materials (10pts)Ruins of Zalam etc.0EXP
Brachydios ArmorDeliver Brachydios materials (8pts)Ruins of Zalam etc.0EXP
Barioth Weapon SetDeliver Barioth materials (10pts)Mt. Celion etc.0EXP
Barioth ArmorDeliver Barioth materials (8pts)Mt. Celion etc.0EXP
Jade Barroth ArmorDeliver Jade Barroth materials (8pts)Ruins of Zalam etc.0EXP
Rajang Weapon Set 1Deliver Rajang materials (10pts)Ruins of Zalam etc.0EXP
Rajang Weapon Set 2Deliver Rajang materials (10pts)Ruins of Zalam etc.0EXP
Rajang ArmorDeliver Rajang materials (8pts)Ruins of Zalam etc.0EXP
Deviljho Weapon SetDeliver Deviljho materials (10pts)Anywhere0EXP
Deviljho ArmorDeliver Deviljho materials (8pts)Anywhere0EXP
Kirin SwordDeliver Kirin materials (7pts)Rainforest etc.0EXP
Kirin ArmorDeliver Kirin materials (8pts)Rainforest etc.0EXP
Oroshi Kirin ArmorDeliver Oroshi Kirin materials (8pts)Unknown0EXP
Daora Weapon Set 1Deliver Kushala Daora materials (10pts)Mt. Celion etc.0EXP
Daora Weapon Set 2Deliver Kushala Daora materials (10pts)Mt. Celion etc.0EXP
Kushala Daora ArmorDeliver Kushala Daora materials (8pts)Mt. Celion etc.0EXP
Seregios Great SwordDeliver Seregios materials (7pts)Pondry Hills etc.0EXP
Seregios ArmorDeliver Seregios materials (8pts)Pondry Hills etc.0EXP
Teostra Wpn Set 1Deliver Teostra materials (10pts)Dovan Volcano etc.0EXP
Teostra Wpn Set 2Deliver Teostra materials (10pts)Dovan Volcano etc.0EXP
Teostra ArmorDeliver Teostra materials (8pts)Dovan Volcano etc.0EXP
Sand Barioth ArmorDeliver Sand Barioth materials (8pts)Trese Desert etc.0EXP
Monoblos SwordDeliver Monoblos materials (7pts)Trese Desert etc.0EXP
Monoblos ArmorDeliver Monoblos materials (8pts)Trese Desert etc.0EXP
Gold Rathian ArmorDeliver Gold Rathian materials (8pts)Tower etc.0EXP
Silver Rathalos ArmorDeliver Silver Rathalos materials (8pts)Tower etc.0EXP
Molten Tigrex ArmorDeliver Molten Tigrex materials (8pts)Unknown0EXP
W. Monoblos ArmorDeliver White Monoblos materials (8pts)Unknown0EXP
Fatalis Weapon Set 1Deliver Fatalis materials (10pts)Labyrinth etc.0EXP
Fatalis Weapon Set 2Deliver Fatalis materials (10pts)Labyrinth etc.0EXP
Fatalis ArmorDeliver Fatalis materials (8pts)Labyrinth etc.0EXP
Plesioth Weapon SetDeliver Plesioth materials (7pts)Anywhere0EXP
Plesioth SwordDeliver Plesioth materials (5pts)Anywhere0EXP
Rathalos SwordDeliver Rathalos materials (7pts)Pondry Hills etc.0EXP
Legend of Zelda S&SDeliver Triforce (1pt)Unknown0EXP
Jump Great SwordDeliver Pirate Ticket J (1pt)Unknown0EXP
Famitsu Great SwordDeliver Famitsu Ticket (1pt)Unknown0EXP
Dengeki SwordDeliver Dengeki Ticket (1pt)Unknown0EXP
DLC SwordDeliver Odyssey Medal (1pt)Unknown0EXP
DLC HammerDeliver Plushie Voucher (1pt)Unknown0EXP
DLC ArmorDeliver Duramboros Seal (1pt)Unknown0EXP
Fan Club ArmorDeliver Fan Club Newsletter (1pt)Unknown0EXP
MH Gen Glavenus S&SDeliver Rustshard (1pt) & mid-grade ore (10pts)Unknown0EXP
Meat and GreetDeliver 5 Raw MeatPondry Hills etc.50EXP
Natural BlessingsDeliver 2 Earth CrystalsPondry Hills etc.50EXP
Mellow MushroomDeliver a Unique MushroomPondry Hills50EXP
Rider Reports 1Slay The Cunning RaptorPondry Hills80EXP
Living on the EdgeSlay 5 BullfangoWhistill Forest etc.50EXP
Enigma of the EggShow the client an Herbivore EggUnknown200EXP
Over? Easy!Show the client a Fanged Beast EggUnknown200EXP
Rider Reports 2Slay The Wily BirdPondry Hills200EXP
Back in the WaterSlay The ShapeshifterDarj Snowfields400EXP
A Cooling CrystalDeliver 5 Ice CrystalsDarj Snowfields etc.300EXP
Welcoming LightsDeliver 2 FlashbugsDarj Snowfields etc.300EXP
Vicious VulturesSlay 6 ZamiteDarj Snowfields300EXP
Rubicund RapscallionSlay The Crimson FiendDarj Snowfields800EXP
Sakura ChallengeSlay The Poison BloomPerennial Pass1,500EXP
Ludroth HabitatSlay 6 LudrothPlains etc.500EXP
Dance To My TunaDeliver 3 SharktunaPlains etc.500EXP
Secret to Well-beingDeliver a Pawprint StampPerennial Pass etc.500EXP
Lord of the SandsSlay The UnyieldingMonsonne Plains800EXP
A Royal PainSlay The UntarnishedMonsonne Plains800EXP
Neopteron SwattingSlay 7 Bnahabra (Brown)Trese Desert etc.500EXP
Let's Get Hot!Deliver 30 Genprey ScalesTrese Desert etc.500EXP
Fruits of the DesertDeliver a Tropical BerryTrese Desert etc.500EXP
Toxic ToadstoolDeliver 3 NitroshroomsTrese Desert etc.500EXP
Desert PredatorSlay The AmbusherTrese Desert800EXP
A Crumpled HornSlay The IntruderTrese Desert1,200EXP
Mighty MachaliteDeliver 3 Machalite OresAnywhere400EXP
Bug ExterminatorDeliver 50 Bnahabra ShellsAnywhere800EXP
Let's Get Hot!!Deliver 30 Hermitaur ShellsTrese Desert etc.800EXP
Rider Reports 3Deliver 50 Velociprey ScalesPondry Hills800EXP
Walking on EggshellsShow the client a quite heavy Leviathan EggUnknown1,500EXP
Source of MightDeliver 2 Might SeedsDovan Volcano etc.800EXP
Dragon FellingDeliver a Dragonfell BerryDovan Volcano etc.600EXP
A Fiery LightDeliver a FirestoneDovan Volcano etc.1,000EXP
Out of Your ShellDeliver 30 Konchu ShellsAnywhere1,000EXP
Uroktor HuntingSlay 6 UroktorDovan Volcano1,500EXP
From Dark DepthsSlay The SledgehammerDovan Volcano3,000EXP
Sparkling CricketsDeliver a Gold CricketAowa Valley etc.1,000EXP
Violet VenomSlay The Demon BlossomPaupau Beach2,500EXP
Raging ChargeSlay 8 JaggiaAowa Valley etc.1,500EXP
A Bone to PickDeliver 3 Monster Bone LAnywhere1,000EXP
Solid as a RockSlay The ImmovableDovan Volcano2,000EXP
Roaring Pike WyvernSlay The Volcanic RumbleDovan Volcano2,500EXP
Broth From The PastDeliver 3 Beauty ShroomsDovan Volcano etc.1,500EXP
Climactic ShowdownSlay The InfuriatedTrese Desert2,000EXP
A Haughty QueenDeliver 6 Queen ShrimpPaupau Beach etc.1,500EXP
Slick and StickyDeliver 5 Monster FluidsAnywhere1,000EXP
Between JobsDeliver 5 King TrufflesRainforest etc.1,000EXP
The Emerald ApeSlay The Green StenchMonsonne Plains2,500EXP
Chartreuse ShadeSlay The Bladed WindMonsonne Plains3,000EXP
Clamorous C. PecoSlay The PerformerMonsonne Plains2,500EXP
Blue Sky KingSlay The SkylordPondry Hills3,000EXP
EggscellentShow the client a very heavy eggUnknown3,000EXP
Purple PoisonerSlay The Venom FrenzyMonsonne Plains3,000EXP
Secret to a Long LifeDeliver a Dragon ToadstoolRainforest etc.1,000EXP
Blazing InfernoSlay The InfernoMonsonne Plains3,000EXP
Ash in the WindSlay The GliderPaupau Beach3,000EXP
No Water Sports!Slay The Heavenly BoltPaupau Beach3,000EXP
Storm A-Comin'!Slay The SandstormTrese Desert5,000EXP
Garuga GangsterSlay The Lawless OnePaupau Beach4,500EXP
Fresh Trials 1Slay The Crimson KingPondry Hills4,500EXP
Glacial DriftSlay The Silver PikeMt. Celion5,000EXP
Trouble on CelionSlay The Frozen CrownMt. Celion4,000EXP
Underworld TyrantSlay The Infernal WolfMt. Celion5,000EXP
The Spice of LifeDeliver 3 Spicy WormsTrese Desert etc.2,000EXP
Fresh Trials 2 (+)Slay The IndomitablePondry Hills8,000EXP
Spooky Stories (+)Slay The UnmentionableDarj Snowfields8,000EXP
History Repeating (+)Slay The GladiatorTrese Desert10,000EXP
The Crimson Pike (+)Slay The Crimson PikeDovan Volcano10,000EXP
Surf and Turf (+)Slay The Colossal WavePaupau Beach10,000EXP
Infernal Emperor (+)Slay The Abyssal HowlMt. Celion10,000EXP
Rise Again (+)Slay The Fire of DisasterDovan Volcano15,000EXP
Fresh Trials 4 (+)Slay The Rending WindPondry Hills5,000EXP
Sands of Time (+)Slay The Lone HornTrese Desert etc.5,000EXP
Eye of the Storm (+)Slay The Mystic WindMt. Celion15,000EXP
Was it a Dream? (+)Slay The HalcyonMonsonne Plains15,000EXP
Nearing Menace (+)Slay The Savage PredatorsPondry Hills20,000EXP
Fresh Trials 3 (+)Slay The Azure BlazePondry Hills10,000EXP
Down Deep (+)Deliver a Mazewalker's SealLabyrinth10,000EXP
Up High (+)Deliver a Timeworn PageTower of Illusion10,000EXP
Following Dreams 1Deliver 3 Bottle CapsUnknown400EXP
Following Dreams 2Deliver 5 Bottle CapsUnknown400EXP
Following Dreams 3Deliver 8 Bottle CapsUnknown400EXP
Following Dreams 4Deliver 10 Bottle CapsUnknown400EXP
Following Dreams 5Deliver 12 Bottle CapsUnknown400EXP
Following Dreams 6Deliver 20 Bottle CapsUnknown400EXP
Big Big SushifishDeliver 3 SushifishPondry Hills etc.30EXP
Quid Pro QuoDeliver 3 Iron OresPondry Hills etc.30EXP
A Spoonful of SugarDeliver 2 BitterbugsPondry Hills etc.30EXP
Riddle Me This 1Bring the Monstie described in the riddleUnknown300EXP
Riddle Me This 2Bring the Monstie described in the riddleUnknown500EXP
Riddle Me This 3Bring the Monstie described in the riddleUnknown1,000EXP
Riddle Me This 4Bring the Monstie described in the riddleUnknown2,000EXP
Riddle Me This 5Bring the Monstie described in the riddleUnknown3,000EXP
Riddle Me This 6Bring the Monstie described in the riddleUnknown4,000EXP
Riddle Me This 7Bring the Monstie described in the riddleUnknown5,000EXP
Riddle Me This 8Bring the Monstie described in the riddleUnknown4,500EXP
Smash or Smoosh?Equip the Meaty Smash and talk to the clientDarj Snowfields500EXP
Flummoxing FelyneAnswer all questions correctlyGildegaran800EXP
The Troubled SonsFind the Merchant's Wife's sons and talk to themAnywhere1,500EXP
How Hardheaded?Equip the Carapace Mace and talk to the clientTrese Desert500EXP
Vibrant LovelightFind the client's crush and talk to themAnywhere2,000EXP
Running FreeEquip Azure Serpentblade and talk to the clientPondry Hills1,000EXP
Purrplexing PuzzlesAnswer all questions correctlyAlbarax1,200EXP
Confounding QueriesAnswer all questions correctlyKoapni Village1,200EXP
Friends Fur LifeFind the client's friend and talk to themGeo-Fulkright1,500EXP
The Next GenerationAchieve victory in battleHakum Village3,000EXP
Riddling RebusAnswer all questions correctlyHakum Village2,000EXP
A Friend...In Need?Find the client's friend and talk to themGildegaran2,500EXP
Monkeying AroundEquip the Kecha Whappa and talk to the clientPaupau Beach etc.2,000EXP
A Rider's ResolveAchieve victory in battleGeo-Fulkright20,000EXP
A Rider's PrideAchieve victory in battleKoapni Village20,000EXP
A Rider's OathAchieve victory in battleAlbarax20,000EXP
Oasis RevivalDeliver 15 Iron OresAnywhere1,000EXP
Riddle Me This 9Bring the Monstie described in the riddleUnknown8,000EXP
Avinia's Memento 1Talk to AviniaAowa Valley etc.3,000EXP
Debli's AmbitionTalk to DebliAowa Valley5,000EXP
Reverto's TeacherTalk to RevertoAnywhere5,000EXP
Simone's PastTalk to Captain SimonePondry Hills5,000EXP
Avinia's Memento 2Talk to AviniaAnywhere3,000EXP

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