Noob Available from the start.
Fresher Available from the start.
Beginner Available from the start.
Novice Available from the start.
Rookie Available from the start.
Rider Available from the start.
Fisher Available from the start.
Fighter Available from the start.
Sniper Available from the start.
Longsword Available from the start.
Sword Available from the start.
Blade Available from the start.
Edge Available from the start.
Hammer Available from the start.
Mallet Available from the start.
Horn Available from the start.
Flute Available from the start.
Recruiting Available from the start.
Newcomer Available from the start.
Helper Available from the start.
Hero Available from the start.
Dear Available from the start.
Dame Available from the start.
Knights Available from the start.
Hunters Available from the start.
Man Available from the start.
Gal Available from the start.
Me Available from the start.
Myself Available from the start.
Lone Wolf Available from the start.
Love Available from the start.
Stories Available from the start.
Ride On! Available from the start.
Poogie Available from the start.
Stranger Available from the start.
Exciting Available from the start.
Thrilling Available from the start.
Solo Available from the start.
Duo Available from the start.
Trio Available from the start.
Party Available from the start.
Potion Available from the start.
Honey Available from the start.
Red Available from the start.
Blue Available from the start.
Green Available from the start.
Expectant Available from the start.
Lazy Available from the start.
Third-rate Available from the start.
Attack Available from the start.
Defend Available from the start.
On Sale! Available from the start.
Lilia Set off from Hakum Village.
Cheval Set off from Hakum Village.
Dan Set off from Hakum Village.
Omna Set off from Hakum Village.
Navirou Set off from Hakum Village.
Egg Set off from Hakum Village.
Kinship Ore Set off from Hakum Village.
One-Eyed Set off from Hakum Village.
Real Set off from Hakum Village.
Troupe Set off from Hakum Village.
Princess Set off from Hakum Village.
Popular Set off from Hakum Village.
Killer Set off from Hakum Village.
Thundery Set off from Hakum Village.
Mom Set off from Hakum Village.
Grillmeister Set off from Hakum Village.
Avinia Passed through Wintertide Tunnel.
Frostfang Passed through Wintertide Tunnel.
Channeler Passed through Wintertide Tunnel.
Moss Buns Passed through Wintertide Tunnel.
Dumplings Passed through Wintertide Tunnel.
Wyverian Passed through Wintertide Tunnel.
Channel Passed through Wintertide Tunnel.
We Passed through Wintertide Tunnel.
Freezing Passed through Wintertide Tunnel.
Glacial Passed through Wintertide Tunnel.
Ski Slope Passed through Wintertide Tunnel.
Menacing Passed through Wintertide Tunnel.
Snotty Passed through Wintertide Tunnel.
Starving Passed through Wintertide Tunnel.
Mysterious Passed through Wintertide Tunnel.
Hot Spring Passed through Wintertide Tunnel.
Reverto Helped restore Albarax.
Simone Helped restore Albarax.
Pappan Helped restore Albarax.
Limon Helped restore Albarax.
Mel Helped restore Albarax.
Muffy Helped restore Albarax.
Hunter Helped restore Albarax.
Mecha Helped restore Albarax.
Professor Helped restore Albarax.
Hit Helped restore Albarax.
Miss Helped restore Albarax.
Fever Helped restore Albarax.
Bug Hater Helped restore Albarax.
Meddling Helped restore Albarax.
Burnt Helped restore Albarax.
Beast Helped restore Albarax.
Manelger Saved Geo-Fulkright.
Itsy-Bits Saved Geo-Fulkright.
Debli Saved Geo-Fulkright.
Numbers Saved Geo-Fulkright.
Escape Saved Geo-Fulkright.
Plan Saved Geo-Fulkright.
Electrifying Saved Geo-Fulkright.
Hideout Saved Geo-Fulkright.
Guardian Saved Geo-Fulkright.
Prototype Saved Geo-Fulkright.
Old Soldier Saved Geo-Fulkright.
Expedition Saved Geo-Fulkright.
Spelunker Saved Geo-Fulkright.
Henchman Saved Geo-Fulkright.
Free Saved Geo-Fulkright.
Skilled Saved Geo-Fulkright.
Pansy Purified 6 Kinship Ores.
Tiger Purified 6 Kinship Ores.
Screwtail Purified 6 Kinship Ores.
Mallerie Purified 6 Kinship Ores.
Felyne Purified 6 Kinship Ores.
Melynx Purified 6 Kinship Ores.
Cat Ears Purified 6 Kinship Ores.
Paradise Purified 6 Kinship Ores.
Fisherman Purified 6 Kinship Ores.
Rodeo Purified 6 Kinship Ores.
Fond Purified 6 Kinship Ores.
Regular Purified 6 Kinship Ores.
Walk Purified 6 Kinship Ores.
Doting Purified 6 Kinship Ores.
Lovestruck Purified 6 Kinship Ores.
Like Purified 6 Kinship Ores.
Dragon Saved the world from the Black Blight.
Passenger Saved the world from the Black Blight.
Liberator Saved the world from the Black Blight.
Miracle Saved the world from the Black Blight.
Blighted Saved the world from the Black Blight.
Climax Saved the world from the Black Blight.
Kinship Saved the world from the Black Blight.
Adventure Saved the world from the Black Blight.
Partner Saved the world from the Black Blight.
The Rider Saved the world from the Black Blight.
The Hunter Saved the world from the Black Blight.
Mini Saved the world from the Black Blight.
Boy Saved the world from the Black Blight.
Syndrome Saved the world from the Black Blight.
Anti Saved the world from the Black Blight.
Club Saved the world from the Black Blight.
Redan Started a new journey.
Tomb Started a new journey.
Spirit Started a new journey.
Peace Started a new journey.
Start Over Started a new journey.
Beginning Started a new journey.
StreetPass Connected via StreetPass.
Lonesome Connected via StreetPass over 100 times.
Prayer Used the Prayer Pot.
Well Done Grilled meat at the Grillhouse.
Successor Performed the Rite of Channeling.
Squad Dispatched an Expedition Party.
Comrade Completed all ★1 Subquests.
Protector Completed all ★2 Subquests.
Mentor Completed all ★3 Subquests.
Savior Completed all ★4 Subquests.
Contractor Completed all ★5 Subquests.
Trailblazer Completed all ★6 Subquests.
Free Spirit Completed all ★7 Subquests.
Adept Achieved Battle Rank D.
Phoenix Achieved Battle Rank D.
Savant Achieved Battle Rank D.
Prodigy Achieved Battle Rank D.
Hot Blood Achieved Battle Rank D.
Vanguard Achieved Battle Rank D.
Amnesiac Achieved Battle Rank D.
Scrivener Achieved Battle Rank D.
Mushroom Achieved Battle Rank D.
Honeycomb Achieved Battle Rank D.
Vale Tudo Achieved Battle Rank D.
Special Ops Achieved Battle Rank D.
War Buddy Achieved Battle Rank D.
Hamelin Achieved Battle Rank D.
Gunslinger Achieved Battle Rank D.
Angler Achieved Battle Rank D.
Berserker Achieved Battle Rank D.
Machinery Achieved Battle Rank D.
Assault Achieved Battle Rank D.
Wife Achieved Battle Rank D.
Wanderer Achieved Battle Rank D.
Marksman Achieved Battle Rank D.
Warrior Achieved Battle Rank D.
Bug Master Achieved Battle Rank D.
Hustler Achieved Battle Rank D.
War Achieved Battle Rank D.
Killer Bee Achieved Battle Rank D.
Bearer Achieved Battle Rank D.
Captain Achieved Battle Rank D.
Ace Achieved Battle Rank D.
Unlimited Achieved Battle Rank C.
Veteran Achieved Battle Rank C.
Raid Achieved Battle Rank C.
Bisector Achieved Battle Rank C.
Melody Achieved Battle Rank C.
Howitzer Achieved Battle Rank C.
Deformed Achieved Battle Rank C.
Rotate Achieved Battle Rank C.
Rave Achieved Battle Rank C.
Steady Achieved Battle Rank C.
Romance Achieved Battle Rank C.
Meteor Achieved Battle Rank C.
Quick Draw Achieved Battle Rank C.
Leader Achieved Battle Rank C.
Beautiful Achieved Battle Rank C.
Nostalgic Achieved Battle Rank C.
Powerful Achieved Battle Rank C.
Invincible Achieved Battle Rank C.
Kid Achieved Battle Rank C.
Fella Achieved Battle Rank C.
Best Achieved Battle Rank C.
Lucky Achieved Battle Rank C.
Challenge Achieved Battle Rank C.
Group Achieved Battle Rank C.
Lady Achieved Battle Rank C.
Mister Achieved Battle Rank C.
New Lands Achieved Battle Rank C.
Soothing Achieved Battle Rank C.
Monthly Achieved Battle Rank C.
Artisan Achieved Battle Rank C.
Road Achieved Battle Rank B.
Ninja Achieved Battle Rank B.
Freedom Achieved Battle Rank B.
Dream Achieved Battle Rank B.
Altair Achieved Battle Rank B.
Kunoichi Achieved Battle Rank B.
Vega Achieved Battle Rank B.
Vagrant Achieved Battle Rank B.
Iron Achieved Battle Rank B.
Breaker Achieved Battle Rank B.
Samurai Achieved Battle Rank B.
Model Achieved Battle Rank B.
Traveler Achieved Battle Rank B.
Slash Achieved Battle Rank B.
Wing Achieved Battle Rank B.
Break Achieved Battle Rank B.
Oar Achieved Battle Rank B.
Weapon Achieved Battle Rank B.
Nameless Achieved Battle Rank B.
Fan Achieved Battle Rank B.
Pinch Achieved Battle Rank B.
Heroine Achieved Battle Rank B.
Grand Achieved Battle Rank B.
Natural Achieved Battle Rank B.
Shining Achieved Battle Rank B.
Lad Achieved Battle Rank B.
Self-styled Achieved Battle Rank B.
Small Achieved Battle Rank B.
Original Achieved Battle Rank B.
Easily Achieved Battle Rank B.
Tail Achieved Battle Rank A.
Slasher Achieved Battle Rank A.
Shaker Achieved Battle Rank A.
Draw Achieved Battle Rank A.
Headshot Achieved Battle Rank A.
Collector Achieved Battle Rank A.
Coordinator Achieved Battle Rank A.
Queen Achieved Battle Rank A.
Maniac Achieved Battle Rank A.
Billionaire Achieved Battle Rank A.
Celebrity Achieved Battle Rank A.
Speedrun Achieved Battle Rank A.
Finicky Achieved Battle Rank A.
Armed Achieved Battle Rank A.
Obstinate Achieved Battle Rank A.
Inferno Achieved Battle Rank A.
Sure-kill Achieved Battle Rank A.
Tactician Achieved Battle Rank A.
Black Achieved Battle Rank A.
Backer Achieved Battle Rank A.
Bad Luck Achieved Battle Rank A.
Slim Achieved Battle Rank A.
Unlikely Achieved Battle Rank A.
Story Achieved Battle Rank A.
Crisis Achieved Battle Rank A.
Ore Achieved Battle Rank A.
Absurd Achieved Battle Rank A.
Economical Achieved Battle Rank A.
Endeavor Achieved Battle Rank A.
Land Achieved Battle Rank A.
Complete Achieved Battle Rank S.
Sage Achieved Battle Rank S.
Perfect Achieved Battle Rank S.
King Achieved Battle Rank S.
Big Bang Achieved Battle Rank S.
Swordster Achieved Battle Rank S.
Desperate Achieved Battle Rank S.
Confident Achieved Battle Rank S.
Mixed Achieved Battle Rank S.
Mechanical Achieved Battle Rank S.
One Hit Achieved Battle Rank S.
Wager Achieved Battle Rank S.
Mania Achieved Battle Rank S.
Slightly Achieved Battle Rank S.
Triumphant Achieved Battle Rank S.
Exclusive Achieved Battle Rank S.
Team Achieved Battle Rank S.
Around Achieved Battle Rank S.
Revival Achieved Battle Rank S.
Wonderful Achieved Battle Rank S.
Viva Achieved Battle Rank S.
Pseudo Achieved Battle Rank S.
Pupil Achieved Battle Rank S.
Limited Achieved Battle Rank S.
Shiny Achieved Battle Rank S.
Beauty Achieved Battle Rank S.
TBC Achieved Battle Rank S.
Fresh Achieved Battle Rank S.
Favorite Achieved Battle Rank S.
Soft Achieved Battle Rank S.
Legendary Achieved Battle Rank S+.
Special Achieved Battle Rank S+.
Heroic Achieved Battle Rank S+.
Regretful Achieved Battle Rank S+.
Omniscient Achieved Battle Rank S+.
Strongest Achieved Battle Rank S+.
First-class Achieved Battle Rank S+.
Peerless Achieved Battle Rank S+.
Jet Black Achieved Battle Rank S+.
Emperor Achieved Battle Rank S+.
Robot Achieved Battle Rank S+.
Heavy Achieved Battle Rank S+.
Lovely Achieved Battle Rank S+.
Shoot Achieved Battle Rank S+.
Primo Achieved Battle Rank S+.
Rage Achieved Battle Rank S+.
Life Achieved Battle Rank S+.
Witch Achieved Battle Rank S+.
Person Achieved Battle Rank S+.
Forbidden Achieved Battle Rank S+.
Perennial Achieved Battle Rank S+.
Name Achieved Battle Rank S+.
Long Achieved Battle Rank S+.
Dauntless Achieved Battle Rank S+.
Extreme Achieved Battle Rank S+.
Always Achieved Battle Rank S+.
Gourmet Achieved Battle Rank S+.
Maid Achieved Battle Rank S+.
Magistrate Achieved Battle Rank S+.
Coward Achieved Battle Rank S+.
Monster Achieved Battle Rank S++.
Kaiju Achieved Battle Rank S++.
Master Achieved Master Battle Rank.
Top Dog Achieved Master Battle Rank.
Aptonoth Slew 5 Aptonoth.
Raw Meat Slew 10 Aptonoth.
Herbivore Slew 15 Aptonoth.
Popo Slew 5 Popo.
Tongue Slew 10 Popo.
Pelt Slew 15 Popo.
Apceros Slew 5 Apceros.
Carapace Slew 10 Apceros.
Homing Slew 15 Apceros.
Slagtoth Slew 5 Slagtoth.
Dude Slew 10 Slagtoth.
Sleepy Slew 15 Slagtoth.
Barrel Slew 5 Barrel Felynes.
Meow Slew 10 Barrel Felynes.
Accident Slew 15 Barrel Felynes.
Shakalaka Slew 5 Shakalaka.
Shaka Slew 10 Shakalaka.
Sneaky Slew 15 Shakalaka.
Konchu Slew 5 Konchu.
Round Slew 10 Konchu.
Chameleon Slew 15 Konchu.
Altaroth Slew 5 Altaroth.
Gatherer Slew 10 Altaroth.
Worker Slew 15 Altaroth.
Bnahabra Slew 5 Bnahabra.
Ticklish Slew 10 Bnahabra.
Thrum Slew 15 Bnahabra.
Vespoid Slew 5 Vespoid.
Needle Slew 10 Vespoid.
Outbreak Slew 15 Vespoid.
Thunderous Slew 5 Great Thunderbugs.
Sparkling Slew 10 Great Thunderbugs.
Giant Slew 15 Great Thunderbugs.
Draconic Slew 5 Great Dracophage Bugs.
Dazzling Slew 10 Great Dracophage Bugs.
Mutated Slew 15 Great Dracophage Bugs.
Hermitaur Slew 5 Hermitaur.
Shield Slew 10 Hermitaur.
Scissors Slew 15 Hermitaur.
Conga Slew 5 Conga.
Colorful Slew 10 Conga.
Smelly Slew 15 Conga.
Bullfango Slew 5 Bullfango.
Serious Slew 10 Bullfango.
Reckless Slew 15 Bullfango.
Gargwa Slew 5 Gargwa.
Flightless Slew 10 Gargwa.
Layer Slew 15 Gargwa.
Velociprey Slew 5 Velociprey.
Azure Slew 10 Velociprey.
Linked Slew 15 Velociprey.
Genprey Slew 5 Genprey.
Yellow Slew 10 Genprey.
Numbing Slew 15 Genprey.
Ioprey Slew 5 Ioprey.
Rose Slew 10 Ioprey.
Cutting Slew 15 Ioprey.
Jaggi Slew 5 Jaggi.
Underling Slew 10 Jaggi.
Nonsmoker Slew 15 Jaggi.
Jaggia Slew 5 Jaggia.
Sister Slew 10 Jaggia.
Amazon Slew 15 Jaggia.
Baggi Slew 5 Baggi.
Good Night Slew 10 Baggi.
Hypnotist Slew 15 Baggi.
Remobra Slew 5 Remobra.
Intense Slew 10 Remobra.
Snake Slew 15 Remobra.
Cephalos Slew 5 Cephalos.
Brown Slew 10 Cephalos.
Plain Slew 15 Cephalos.
Ludroth Slew 5 Ludroth.
Waterfront Slew 10 Ludroth.
Harem Slew 15 Ludroth.
Uroktor Slew 5 Uroktor.
Beak Slew 10 Uroktor.
Lava Slew 15 Uroktor.
Zamite Slew 5 Zamite.
Vampire Slew 10 Zamite.
Grown Slew 15 Zamite.
Arzuros Slew 5 Arzuros.
Mountain Slew 10 Arzuros.
Superstar Slew 15 Arzuros.
Lagombi Slew 5 Lagombi.
Smooth Slew 10 Lagombi.
Rabbit Slew 15 Lagombi.
Fango Slew 5 Bulldrome.
Fang Slew 10 Bulldrome.
Foolhardy Slew 15 Bulldrome.
Raptor Slew 5 Velocidrome.
Blue Claw Slew 10 Velocidrome.
Kingpin Slew 15 Velocidrome.
Iodrome Slew 5 Iodrome.
Red Venom Slew 10 Iodrome.
Deep Slew 15 Iodrome.
Gendrome Slew 5 Gendrome.
Heel Slew 10 Gendrome.
Schemer Slew 15 Gendrome.
Great Jaggi Slew 5 Great Jaggi.
Don Slew 10 Great Jaggi.
Clouds Slew 15 Great Jaggi.
Slumber Slew 5 Great Baggi.
Plunder Slew 10 Great Baggi.
Trance Slew 15 Great Baggi.
Daimyo Slew 5 Daimyo Hermitaur.
Carry Slew 10 Daimyo Hermitaur.
Lord Slew 15 Daimyo Hermitaur.
Fake Slew 5 Plum Daimyo Hermitaur.
Air Slew 10 Plum Daimyo Hermitaur.
Sidle Slew 15 Plum Daimyo Hermitaur.
Kecha Slew 5 Kecha Wacha.
Talon Slew 10 Kecha Wacha.
Mask Slew 15 Kecha Wacha.
Hang Slew 5 Ash Kecha Wacha.
Frivolous Slew 10 Ash Kecha Wacha.
Monkey Slew 15 Ash Kecha Wacha.
Congalala Slew 5 Congalala.
Hungry Slew 10 Congalala.
Carefree Slew 15 Congalala.
Explosion Slew 5 Emerald Congalala.
Famished Slew 10 Emerald Congalala.
Trickster Slew 15 Emerald Congalala.
Rajang Slew 5 Rajang.
Golden Slew 10 Rajang.
Demon Slew 15 Rajang.
Cook Slew 5 Yian Kut-Ku.
Teacher Slew 10 Yian Kut-Ku.
Red Bird Slew 15 Yian Kut-Ku.
Funny Slew 5 Blue Yian Kut-Ku.
Cobalt Slew 10 Blue Yian Kut-Ku.
Blue Bird Slew 15 Blue Yian Kut-Ku.
Gypceros Slew 5 Gypceros.
Frenzy Slew 10 Gypceros.
Runner Slew 15 Gypceros.
Poisonous Slew 5 Purple Gypceros.
Dastardly Slew 10 Purple Gypceros.
Futile Slew 15 Purple Gypceros.
Garuga Slew 5 Yian Garuga.
Isolated Slew 10 Yian Garuga.
Black Wolf Slew 15 Yian Garuga.
Qurupeco Slew 5 Qurupeco.
Rainbow Slew 10 Qurupeco.
Flashy Slew 15 Qurupeco.
Dance Slew 5 Crimson Qurupeco.
Flash Slew 10 Crimson Qurupeco.
Glint Slew 15 Crimson Qurupeco.
Khezu Slew 5 Khezu.
Bolt Slew 10 Khezu.
Shock Slew 15 Khezu.
Crimson Slew 5 Red Khezu.
Blood Slew 10 Red Khezu.
Nightmare Slew 15 Red Khezu.
Rathian Slew 5 Rathian.
Diva Slew 10 Rathian.
Dragoness Slew 15 Rathian.
Pink Slew 5 Pink Rathian.
Blossom Slew 10 Pink Rathian.
Valkyrie Slew 15 Pink Rathian.
Gold Slew 5 Gold Rathian.
Lunar Slew 10 Gold Rathian.
Maiden Slew 15 Gold Rathian.
Basarios Slew 5 Basarios.
Hermit Slew 10 Basarios.
Young Slew 15 Basarios.
Secretive Slew 5 Ruby Basarios.
Ruby Slew 10 Ruby Basarios.
Pink Rock Slew 15 Ruby Basarios.
Nargacuga Slew 5 Nargacuga.
Sonic Slew 10 Nargacuga.
Instakill Slew 15 Nargacuga.
Ghillie Slew 5 Green Nargacuga.
Afterimage Slew 10 Green Nargacuga.
Thorn Slew 15 Green Nargacuga.
Gravios Slew 5 Gravios.
Flame Slew 10 Gravios.
Shelling Slew 15 Gravios.
Heat Slew 5 Black Gravios.
Critical Slew 10 Black Gravios.
Beam Slew 15 Black Gravios.
Rathalos Slew 5 Rathalos.
Prince Slew 10 Rathalos.
Monarch Slew 15 Rathalos.
Sapphire Slew 5 Azure Rathalos.
Anima Slew 10 Azure Rathalos.
Sovereign Slew 15 Azure Rathalos.
Silver Slew 5 Silver Rathalos.
Sol Slew 10 Silver Rathalos.
Wyvern Slew 15 Silver Rathalos.
Barioth Slew 5 Barioth.
White Slew 10 Barioth.
Absolute Slew 15 Barioth.
Saber Slew 5 Sand Barioth.
Twister Slew 10 Sand Barioth.
Paladin Slew 15 Sand Barioth.
Tigrex Slew 5 Tigrex.
Wild Slew 10 Tigrex.
Resonant Slew 15 Tigrex.
Roar Slew 5 Brute Tigrex.
Dark Slew 10 Brute Tigrex.
Black Tiger Slew 15 Brute Tigrex.
Blaze Slew 5 Molten Tigrex.
Gigantic Slew 10 Molten Tigrex.
Speedy Slew 15 Molten Tigrex.
Diablos Slew 5 Diablos.
Desert Slew 10 Diablos.
Torque Slew 15 Diablos.
Onyx Slew 5 Black Diablos.
Violent Slew 10 Black Diablos.
Devil Slew 15 Black Diablos.
Seregios Slew 5 Seregios.
Kick Slew 10 Seregios.
Tornado Slew 15 Seregios.
Monoblos Slew 5 Monoblos.
Scarlet Slew 10 Monoblos.
Prideful Slew 15 Monoblos.
Single Slew 5 White Monoblos.
Horned Slew 10 White Monoblos.
Shriek Slew 15 White Monoblos.
Sandy Slew 5 Cephadrome.
Diver Slew 10 Cephadrome.
The Depths Slew 15 Cephadrome.
Royal Slew 5 Royal Ludroth.
Siren Slew 10 Royal Ludroth.
Water Lion Slew 15 Royal Ludroth.
Poison Mist Slew 5 Purple Ludroth.
Pain Slew 10 Purple Ludroth.
Aster Slew 15 Purple Ludroth.
Agnaktor Slew 5 Agnaktor.
Spark Slew 10 Agnaktor.
Fiery Hell Slew 15 Agnaktor.
Zero Slew 5 Glacial Agnaktor.
Blizzard Slew 10 Glacial Agnaktor.
Aqua Slew 15 Glacial Agnaktor.
Lagiacrus Slew 5 Lagiacrus.
Wearer Slew 10 Lagiacrus.
Overlord Slew 15 Lagiacrus.
Thunder Slew 5 Ivory Lagiacrus.
Fate Slew 10 Ivory Lagiacrus.
Raijin Slew 15 Ivory Lagiacrus.
Barroth Slew 5 Barroth.
Tyrant Slew 10 Barroth.
Herculean Slew 15 Barroth.
Ice Slew 5 Jade Barroth.
Glacier Slew 10 Jade Barroth.
Pulverize Slew 15 Jade Barroth.
Uragaan Slew 5 Uragaan.
Rolling Slew 10 Uragaan.
Gavel Slew 15 Uragaan.
Boomstone Destroyed 5 Powderstones.
BOOOOOM Destroyed 10 Powderstones.
Bomber Destroyed 15 Powderstones.
Brachydios Slew 5 Brachydios.
Obsidian Slew 10 Brachydios.
Pompadour Slew 15 Brachydios.
Deviljho Slew 5 Deviljho.
Destroy Slew 10 Deviljho.
Despot Slew 15 Deviljho.
Zinogre Slew 5 Zinogre.
Burst Slew 10 Zinogre.
Zap Slew 15 Zinogre.
Hell Slew 5 Stygian Zinogre.
Dracobug Slew 10 Stygian Zinogre.
Full Charge Slew 15 Stygian Zinogre.
Zamtrios Slew 5 Zamtrios.
Rough-skin Slew 10 Zamtrios.
Voluptuous Slew 15 Zamtrios.
Nerscylla Slew 5 Nerscylla.
Trap Slew 10 Nerscylla.
Sticky Slew 15 Nerscylla.
Poison Slew 5 Shrouded Nerscylla.
Spider Slew 10 Shrouded Nerscylla.
Bewitching Slew 15 Shrouded Nerscylla.
Kirin Slew 5 Kirin.
Jolt Slew 10 Kirin.
Flare Slew 15 Kirin.
Speed Slew 5 Oroshi Kirin.
Gale Slew 10 Oroshi Kirin.
Frost Slew 15 Oroshi Kirin.
Kushala Slew 5 Kushala Daora.
Cyclone Slew 10 Kushala Daora.
Soaring Slew 15 Kushala Daora.
Teostra Slew 5 Teostra.
Kaiser Slew 10 Teostra.
Flame King Slew 15 Teostra.
Fatalis Slew 5 Fatalis.
Dragoon Slew 10 Fatalis.
Siegfried Slew 15 Fatalis.
Autarch Completed all Subquests.
Conquer Completed The Tower of Illusion.
Summit Completed The Tower of Illusion.
Tower Completed The Tower of Illusion.
Peak Completed The Tower of Illusion.
Achiever Completed The Tower of Illusion.
Mirage Completed The Tower of Illusion.
Spouse Completed The Tower of Illusion.
Guild Completed The Tower of Illusion.
Knight Completed The Tower of Illusion.
Trump Card Completed The Tower of Illusion.
General Completed The Tower of Illusion.
Imperial Completed The Tower of Illusion.
Last Resort Completed The Tower of Illusion.
Pinnacle Completed The Tower of Illusion.
Unmatched Completed The Labyrinth of Ordeals.
Eminence Completed The Labyrinth of Ordeals.
Trial Completed The Labyrinth of Ordeals.
Final Completed The Labyrinth of Ordeals.
Last Completed The Labyrinth of Ordeals.
Furthest Completed The Labyrinth of Ordeals.
Unexplored Completed The Labyrinth of Ordeals.
Discovered Completed The Labyrinth of Ordeals.
Virtuoso Completed The Labyrinth of Ordeals.
Fortune Completed The Labyrinth of Ordeals.
Deity Completed The Labyrinth of Ordeals.
Exceed Completed The Labyrinth of Ordeals.
Secret Completed The Labyrinth of Ordeals.
Concealed Completed The Labyrinth of Ordeals.
Guide Completed The Labyrinth of Ordeals.
Researcher Completed The Labyrinth of Ordeals.
Monstie Acquired all Monsties.
Poogie Completed the Encyclopoogia.
101 Completed the Encyclopoogia.
Low Grade Achieved Bronze Class in The Arena.
Silver Achieved Silver Class in The Arena.
Black Belt Achieved Silver Class in The Arena.
Gold Achieved Gold Class in The Arena.
Expert Achieved Gold Class in The Arena.
Platinum Achieved Platinum Class in The Arena.
Arena King Achieved Platinum Class in The Arena.
Puzzle Acquired via download.
Orb Acquired via download.
Combo Acquired via download.
Dragon Call Acquired via download.
Advent Acquired via download.
Awakening Acquired via download.
Ultimate Acquired via download.
Skull Kid Acquired via download.
Ocarina Acquired via download.
Triforce Acquired via download.
Zelda Acquired via download.
Legend Acquired via download.
Link Acquired via download.
Hyrule Acquired via download.
X Acquired via download.
Hunter Art Acquired via download.
Style Acquired via download.
Prowler Acquired via download.
Gourmew Acquired via download.
Catalina Acquired via download.
TraBelna Acquired via download.
Fan Club Acquired via download.
Chief Acquired via download.
Member Acquired via download.
Manager Acquired via download.
Girl Acquired via download.
Capcom TV Acquired via download.
Connect Acquired via download.
Jump Acquired via download.
Pirate Acquired via download.
V Jump Acquired via download.
Saikyo Acquired via download.
Welcome! Acquired via download.
Super Acquired via download.
Radical Acquired via download.
Gag Family Acquired via download.
Champion Acquired via download.
Himouto! Acquired via download.
Layabout Acquired via download.
Umaru Acquired via download.
Brother Acquired via download.
U.M.R Acquired via download.
Famitsu Acquired via download.
Emblem Acquired via download.
Approved! Acquired via download.
Fame Acquired via download.
Hunt Club Acquired via download.
Dengeki Acquired via download.
Lightning Acquired via download.
Polytan Acquired via download.
Strategy Acquired via download.
Goro Acquired via download.

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