(None)Available from the start.
NoobAvailable from the start.
FresherAvailable from the start.
BeginnerAvailable from the start.
NoviceAvailable from the start.
RookieAvailable from the start.
RiderAvailable from the start.
FisherAvailable from the start.
FighterAvailable from the start.
SniperAvailable from the start.
LongswordAvailable from the start.
SwordAvailable from the start.
BladeAvailable from the start.
EdgeAvailable from the start.
HammerAvailable from the start.
MalletAvailable from the start.
HornAvailable from the start.
FluteAvailable from the start.
RecruitingAvailable from the start.
NewcomerAvailable from the start.
HelperAvailable from the start.
HeroAvailable from the start.
DearAvailable from the start.
DameAvailable from the start.
KnightsAvailable from the start.
HuntersAvailable from the start.
ManAvailable from the start.
GalAvailable from the start.
MeAvailable from the start.
MyselfAvailable from the start.
Lone WolfAvailable from the start.
LoveAvailable from the start.
StoriesAvailable from the start.
Ride On!Available from the start.
PoogieAvailable from the start.
StrangerAvailable from the start.
ExcitingAvailable from the start.
ThrillingAvailable from the start.
SoloAvailable from the start.
DuoAvailable from the start.
TrioAvailable from the start.
PartyAvailable from the start.
PotionAvailable from the start.
HoneyAvailable from the start.
RedAvailable from the start.
BlueAvailable from the start.
GreenAvailable from the start.
ExpectantAvailable from the start.
LazyAvailable from the start.
Third-rateAvailable from the start.
AttackAvailable from the start.
DefendAvailable from the start.
On Sale!Available from the start.
@Available from the start.
@Available from the start.
@Available from the start.
@Available from the start.
@Available from the start.
@Available from the start.
@Available from the start.
LiliaSet off from Hakum Village.
ChevalSet off from Hakum Village.
DanSet off from Hakum Village.
OmnaSet off from Hakum Village.
NavirouSet off from Hakum Village.
EggSet off from Hakum Village.
Kinship OreSet off from Hakum Village.
One-EyedSet off from Hakum Village.
RealSet off from Hakum Village.
TroupeSet off from Hakum Village.
PrincessSet off from Hakum Village.
PopularSet off from Hakum Village.
KillerSet off from Hakum Village.
ThunderySet off from Hakum Village.
MomSet off from Hakum Village.
GrillmeisterSet off from Hakum Village.
AviniaPassed through Wintertide Tunnel.
FrostfangPassed through Wintertide Tunnel.
ChannelerPassed through Wintertide Tunnel.
Moss BunsPassed through Wintertide Tunnel.
DumplingsPassed through Wintertide Tunnel.
WyverianPassed through Wintertide Tunnel.
ChannelPassed through Wintertide Tunnel.
WePassed through Wintertide Tunnel.
FreezingPassed through Wintertide Tunnel.
GlacialPassed through Wintertide Tunnel.
Ski SlopePassed through Wintertide Tunnel.
MenacingPassed through Wintertide Tunnel.
SnottyPassed through Wintertide Tunnel.
StarvingPassed through Wintertide Tunnel.
MysteriousPassed through Wintertide Tunnel.
Hot SpringPassed through Wintertide Tunnel.
RevertoHelped restore Albarax.
SimoneHelped restore Albarax.
PappanHelped restore Albarax.
LimonHelped restore Albarax.
MelHelped restore Albarax.
MuffyHelped restore Albarax.
HunterHelped restore Albarax.
MechaHelped restore Albarax.
ProfessorHelped restore Albarax.
HitHelped restore Albarax.
MissHelped restore Albarax.
FeverHelped restore Albarax.
Bug HaterHelped restore Albarax.
MeddlingHelped restore Albarax.
BurntHelped restore Albarax.
BeastHelped restore Albarax.
ManelgerSaved Geo-Fulkright.
Itsy-BitsSaved Geo-Fulkright.
DebliSaved Geo-Fulkright.
NumbersSaved Geo-Fulkright.
EscapeSaved Geo-Fulkright.
PlanSaved Geo-Fulkright.
ElectrifyingSaved Geo-Fulkright.
HideoutSaved Geo-Fulkright.
GuardianSaved Geo-Fulkright.
PrototypeSaved Geo-Fulkright.
Old SoldierSaved Geo-Fulkright.
ExpeditionSaved Geo-Fulkright.
SpelunkerSaved Geo-Fulkright.
HenchmanSaved Geo-Fulkright.
FreeSaved Geo-Fulkright.
SkilledSaved Geo-Fulkright.
PansyPurified 6 Kinship Ores.
TigerPurified 6 Kinship Ores.
ScrewtailPurified 6 Kinship Ores.
MalleriePurified 6 Kinship Ores.
FelynePurified 6 Kinship Ores.
MelynxPurified 6 Kinship Ores.
Cat EarsPurified 6 Kinship Ores.
ParadisePurified 6 Kinship Ores.
FishermanPurified 6 Kinship Ores.
RodeoPurified 6 Kinship Ores.
FondPurified 6 Kinship Ores.
RegularPurified 6 Kinship Ores.
WalkPurified 6 Kinship Ores.
DotingPurified 6 Kinship Ores.
LovestruckPurified 6 Kinship Ores.
LikePurified 6 Kinship Ores.
DragonSaved the world from the Black Blight.
PassengerSaved the world from the Black Blight.
LiberatorSaved the world from the Black Blight.
MiracleSaved the world from the Black Blight.
BlightedSaved the world from the Black Blight.
ClimaxSaved the world from the Black Blight.
KinshipSaved the world from the Black Blight.
AdventureSaved the world from the Black Blight.
PartnerSaved the world from the Black Blight.
The RiderSaved the world from the Black Blight.
The HunterSaved the world from the Black Blight.
MiniSaved the world from the Black Blight.
BoySaved the world from the Black Blight.
SyndromeSaved the world from the Black Blight.
AntiSaved the world from the Black Blight.
ClubSaved the world from the Black Blight.
RedanStarted a new journey.
TombStarted a new journey.
SpiritStarted a new journey.
PeaceStarted a new journey.
Start OverStarted a new journey.
BeginningStarted a new journey.
StreetPassConnected via StreetPass.
LonesomeConnected via StreetPass over 100 times.
PrayerUsed the Prayer Pot.
Well DoneGrilled meat at the Grillhouse.
SuccessorPerformed the Rite of Channeling.
SquadDispatched an Expedition Party.
ComradeCompleted all ★1 Subquests.
ProtectorCompleted all ★2 Subquests.
MentorCompleted all ★3 Subquests.
SaviorCompleted all ★4 Subquests.
ContractorCompleted all ★5 Subquests.
TrailblazerCompleted all ★6 Subquests.
Free SpiritCompleted all ★7 Subquests.
@Available from the start.
@Available from the start.
@Available from the start.
@Available from the start.
@Available from the start.
AdeptAchieved Battle Rank D.
PhoenixAchieved Battle Rank D.
SavantAchieved Battle Rank D.
ProdigyAchieved Battle Rank D.
Hot BloodAchieved Battle Rank D.
VanguardAchieved Battle Rank D.
AmnesiacAchieved Battle Rank D.
ScrivenerAchieved Battle Rank D.
MushroomAchieved Battle Rank D.
HoneycombAchieved Battle Rank D.
Vale TudoAchieved Battle Rank D.
Special OpsAchieved Battle Rank D.
War BuddyAchieved Battle Rank D.
HamelinAchieved Battle Rank D.
GunslingerAchieved Battle Rank D.
AnglerAchieved Battle Rank D.
BerserkerAchieved Battle Rank D.
MachineryAchieved Battle Rank D.
AssaultAchieved Battle Rank D.
WifeAchieved Battle Rank D.
WandererAchieved Battle Rank D.
MarksmanAchieved Battle Rank D.
WarriorAchieved Battle Rank D.
Bug MasterAchieved Battle Rank D.
HustlerAchieved Battle Rank D.
WarAchieved Battle Rank D.
Killer BeeAchieved Battle Rank D.
BearerAchieved Battle Rank D.
CaptainAchieved Battle Rank D.
AceAchieved Battle Rank D.
UnlimitedAchieved Battle Rank C.
VeteranAchieved Battle Rank C.
RaidAchieved Battle Rank C.
BisectorAchieved Battle Rank C.
MelodyAchieved Battle Rank C.
HowitzerAchieved Battle Rank C.
DeformedAchieved Battle Rank C.
RotateAchieved Battle Rank C.
RaveAchieved Battle Rank C.
SteadyAchieved Battle Rank C.
RomanceAchieved Battle Rank C.
MeteorAchieved Battle Rank C.
Quick DrawAchieved Battle Rank C.
LeaderAchieved Battle Rank C.
BeautifulAchieved Battle Rank C.
NostalgicAchieved Battle Rank C.
PowerfulAchieved Battle Rank C.
InvincibleAchieved Battle Rank C.
KidAchieved Battle Rank C.
FellaAchieved Battle Rank C.
BestAchieved Battle Rank C.
LuckyAchieved Battle Rank C.
ChallengeAchieved Battle Rank C.
GroupAchieved Battle Rank C.
LadyAchieved Battle Rank C.
MisterAchieved Battle Rank C.
New LandsAchieved Battle Rank C.
SoothingAchieved Battle Rank C.
MonthlyAchieved Battle Rank C.
ArtisanAchieved Battle Rank C.
RoadAchieved Battle Rank B.
NinjaAchieved Battle Rank B.
FreedomAchieved Battle Rank B.
DreamAchieved Battle Rank B.
AltairAchieved Battle Rank B.
KunoichiAchieved Battle Rank B.
VegaAchieved Battle Rank B.
VagrantAchieved Battle Rank B.
IronAchieved Battle Rank B.
BreakerAchieved Battle Rank B.
SamuraiAchieved Battle Rank B.
ModelAchieved Battle Rank B.
TravelerAchieved Battle Rank B.
SlashAchieved Battle Rank B.
WingAchieved Battle Rank B.
BreakAchieved Battle Rank B.
OarAchieved Battle Rank B.
WeaponAchieved Battle Rank B.
NamelessAchieved Battle Rank B.
FanAchieved Battle Rank B.
PinchAchieved Battle Rank B.
HeroineAchieved Battle Rank B.
GrandAchieved Battle Rank B.
NaturalAchieved Battle Rank B.
ShiningAchieved Battle Rank B.
LadAchieved Battle Rank B.
Self-styledAchieved Battle Rank B.
SmallAchieved Battle Rank B.
OriginalAchieved Battle Rank B.
EasilyAchieved Battle Rank B.
TailAchieved Battle Rank A.
SlasherAchieved Battle Rank A.
ShakerAchieved Battle Rank A.
DrawAchieved Battle Rank A.
HeadshotAchieved Battle Rank A.
CollectorAchieved Battle Rank A.
CoordinatorAchieved Battle Rank A.
QueenAchieved Battle Rank A.
ManiacAchieved Battle Rank A.
BillionaireAchieved Battle Rank A.
CelebrityAchieved Battle Rank A.
SpeedrunAchieved Battle Rank A.
FinickyAchieved Battle Rank A.
ArmedAchieved Battle Rank A.
ObstinateAchieved Battle Rank A.
InfernoAchieved Battle Rank A.
Sure-killAchieved Battle Rank A.
TacticianAchieved Battle Rank A.
BlackAchieved Battle Rank A.
BackerAchieved Battle Rank A.
Bad LuckAchieved Battle Rank A.
SlimAchieved Battle Rank A.
UnlikelyAchieved Battle Rank A.
StoryAchieved Battle Rank A.
CrisisAchieved Battle Rank A.
OreAchieved Battle Rank A.
AbsurdAchieved Battle Rank A.
EconomicalAchieved Battle Rank A.
EndeavorAchieved Battle Rank A.
LandAchieved Battle Rank A.
CompleteAchieved Battle Rank S.
SageAchieved Battle Rank S.
PerfectAchieved Battle Rank S.
KingAchieved Battle Rank S.
Big BangAchieved Battle Rank S.
SwordsterAchieved Battle Rank S.
DesperateAchieved Battle Rank S.
ConfidentAchieved Battle Rank S.
MixedAchieved Battle Rank S.
MechanicalAchieved Battle Rank S.
One HitAchieved Battle Rank S.
WagerAchieved Battle Rank S.
ManiaAchieved Battle Rank S.
SlightlyAchieved Battle Rank S.
TriumphantAchieved Battle Rank S.
ExclusiveAchieved Battle Rank S.
TeamAchieved Battle Rank S.
AroundAchieved Battle Rank S.
RevivalAchieved Battle Rank S.
WonderfulAchieved Battle Rank S.
VivaAchieved Battle Rank S.
PseudoAchieved Battle Rank S.
PupilAchieved Battle Rank S.
LimitedAchieved Battle Rank S.
ShinyAchieved Battle Rank S.
BeautyAchieved Battle Rank S.
TBCAchieved Battle Rank S.
FreshAchieved Battle Rank S.
FavoriteAchieved Battle Rank S.
SoftAchieved Battle Rank S.
LegendaryAchieved Battle Rank S+.
SpecialAchieved Battle Rank S+.
HeroicAchieved Battle Rank S+.
RegretfulAchieved Battle Rank S+.
OmniscientAchieved Battle Rank S+.
StrongestAchieved Battle Rank S+.
First-classAchieved Battle Rank S+.
PeerlessAchieved Battle Rank S+.
Jet BlackAchieved Battle Rank S+.
EmperorAchieved Battle Rank S+.
RobotAchieved Battle Rank S+.
HeavyAchieved Battle Rank S+.
LovelyAchieved Battle Rank S+.
ShootAchieved Battle Rank S+.
PrimoAchieved Battle Rank S+.
RageAchieved Battle Rank S+.
LifeAchieved Battle Rank S+.
WitchAchieved Battle Rank S+.
PersonAchieved Battle Rank S+.
ForbiddenAchieved Battle Rank S+.
PerennialAchieved Battle Rank S+.
NameAchieved Battle Rank S+.
LongAchieved Battle Rank S+.
DauntlessAchieved Battle Rank S+.
ExtremeAchieved Battle Rank S+.
AlwaysAchieved Battle Rank S+.
GourmetAchieved Battle Rank S+.
MaidAchieved Battle Rank S+.
MagistrateAchieved Battle Rank S+.
CowardAchieved Battle Rank S+.
MonsterAchieved Battle Rank S++.
KaijuAchieved Battle Rank S++.
MasterAchieved Master Battle Rank.
Top DogAchieved Master Battle Rank.
@Available from the start.
@Available from the start.
@Available from the start.
@Available from the start.
@Available from the start.
@Available from the start.
AptonothSlew 5 Aptonoth.
Raw MeatSlew 10 Aptonoth.
HerbivoreSlew 15 Aptonoth.
PopoSlew 5 Popo.
TongueSlew 10 Popo.
PeltSlew 15 Popo.
ApcerosSlew 5 Apceros.
CarapaceSlew 10 Apceros.
HomingSlew 15 Apceros.
SlagtothSlew 5 Slagtoth.
DudeSlew 10 Slagtoth.
SleepySlew 15 Slagtoth.
BarrelSlew 5 Barrel Felynes.
MeowSlew 10 Barrel Felynes.
AccidentSlew 15 Barrel Felynes.
ShakalakaSlew 5 Shakalaka.
ShakaSlew 10 Shakalaka.
SneakySlew 15 Shakalaka.
KonchuSlew 5 Konchu.
RoundSlew 10 Konchu.
ChameleonSlew 15 Konchu.
AltarothSlew 5 Altaroth.
GathererSlew 10 Altaroth.
WorkerSlew 15 Altaroth.
BnahabraSlew 5 Bnahabra.
TicklishSlew 10 Bnahabra.
ThrumSlew 15 Bnahabra.
VespoidSlew 5 Vespoid.
NeedleSlew 10 Vespoid.
OutbreakSlew 15 Vespoid.
ThunderousSlew 5 Great Thunderbugs.
SparklingSlew 10 Great Thunderbugs.
GiantSlew 15 Great Thunderbugs.
DraconicSlew 5 Great Dracophage Bugs.
DazzlingSlew 10 Great Dracophage Bugs.
MutatedSlew 15 Great Dracophage Bugs.
HermitaurSlew 5 Hermitaur.
ShieldSlew 10 Hermitaur.
ScissorsSlew 15 Hermitaur.
CongaSlew 5 Conga.
ColorfulSlew 10 Conga.
SmellySlew 15 Conga.
BullfangoSlew 5 Bullfango.
SeriousSlew 10 Bullfango.
RecklessSlew 15 Bullfango.
GargwaSlew 5 Gargwa.
FlightlessSlew 10 Gargwa.
LayerSlew 15 Gargwa.
VelocipreySlew 5 Velociprey.
AzureSlew 10 Velociprey.
LinkedSlew 15 Velociprey.
GenpreySlew 5 Genprey.
YellowSlew 10 Genprey.
NumbingSlew 15 Genprey.
IopreySlew 5 Ioprey.
RoseSlew 10 Ioprey.
CuttingSlew 15 Ioprey.
JaggiSlew 5 Jaggi.
UnderlingSlew 10 Jaggi.
NonsmokerSlew 15 Jaggi.
JaggiaSlew 5 Jaggia.
SisterSlew 10 Jaggia.
AmazonSlew 15 Jaggia.
BaggiSlew 5 Baggi.
Good NightSlew 10 Baggi.
HypnotistSlew 15 Baggi.
RemobraSlew 5 Remobra.
IntenseSlew 10 Remobra.
SnakeSlew 15 Remobra.
CephalosSlew 5 Cephalos.
BrownSlew 10 Cephalos.
PlainSlew 15 Cephalos.
LudrothSlew 5 Ludroth.
WaterfrontSlew 10 Ludroth.
HaremSlew 15 Ludroth.
UroktorSlew 5 Uroktor.
BeakSlew 10 Uroktor.
LavaSlew 15 Uroktor.
ZamiteSlew 5 Zamite.
VampireSlew 10 Zamite.
GrownSlew 15 Zamite.
ArzurosSlew 5 Arzuros.
MountainSlew 10 Arzuros.
SuperstarSlew 15 Arzuros.
LagombiSlew 5 Lagombi.
SmoothSlew 10 Lagombi.
RabbitSlew 15 Lagombi.
FangoSlew 5 Bulldrome.
FangSlew 10 Bulldrome.
FoolhardySlew 15 Bulldrome.
RaptorSlew 5 Velocidrome.
Blue ClawSlew 10 Velocidrome.
KingpinSlew 15 Velocidrome.
IodromeSlew 5 Iodrome.
Red VenomSlew 10 Iodrome.
DeepSlew 15 Iodrome.
GendromeSlew 5 Gendrome.
HeelSlew 10 Gendrome.
SchemerSlew 15 Gendrome.
Great JaggiSlew 5 Great Jaggi.
DonSlew 10 Great Jaggi.
CloudsSlew 15 Great Jaggi.
SlumberSlew 5 Great Baggi.
PlunderSlew 10 Great Baggi.
TranceSlew 15 Great Baggi.
DaimyoSlew 5 Daimyo Hermitaur.
CarrySlew 10 Daimyo Hermitaur.
LordSlew 15 Daimyo Hermitaur.
FakeSlew 5 Plum Daimyo Hermitaur.
AirSlew 10 Plum Daimyo Hermitaur.
SidleSlew 15 Plum Daimyo Hermitaur.
KechaSlew 5 Kecha Wacha.
TalonSlew 10 Kecha Wacha.
MaskSlew 15 Kecha Wacha.
HangSlew 5 Ash Kecha Wacha.
FrivolousSlew 10 Ash Kecha Wacha.
MonkeySlew 15 Ash Kecha Wacha.
CongalalaSlew 5 Congalala.
HungrySlew 10 Congalala.
CarefreeSlew 15 Congalala.
ExplosionSlew 5 Emerald Congalala.
FamishedSlew 10 Emerald Congalala.
TricksterSlew 15 Emerald Congalala.
RajangSlew 5 Rajang.
GoldenSlew 10 Rajang.
DemonSlew 15 Rajang.
CookSlew 5 Yian Kut-Ku.
TeacherSlew 10 Yian Kut-Ku.
Red BirdSlew 15 Yian Kut-Ku.
FunnySlew 5 Blue Yian Kut-Ku.
CobaltSlew 10 Blue Yian Kut-Ku.
Blue BirdSlew 15 Blue Yian Kut-Ku.
GypcerosSlew 5 Gypceros.
FrenzySlew 10 Gypceros.
RunnerSlew 15 Gypceros.
PoisonousSlew 5 Purple Gypceros.
DastardlySlew 10 Purple Gypceros.
FutileSlew 15 Purple Gypceros.
GarugaSlew 5 Yian Garuga.
IsolatedSlew 10 Yian Garuga.
Black WolfSlew 15 Yian Garuga.
QurupecoSlew 5 Qurupeco.
RainbowSlew 10 Qurupeco.
FlashySlew 15 Qurupeco.
DanceSlew 5 Crimson Qurupeco.
FlashSlew 10 Crimson Qurupeco.
GlintSlew 15 Crimson Qurupeco.
KhezuSlew 5 Khezu.
BoltSlew 10 Khezu.
ShockSlew 15 Khezu.
CrimsonSlew 5 Red Khezu.
BloodSlew 10 Red Khezu.
NightmareSlew 15 Red Khezu.
RathianSlew 5 Rathian.
DivaSlew 10 Rathian.
DragonessSlew 15 Rathian.
PinkSlew 5 Pink Rathian.
BlossomSlew 10 Pink Rathian.
ValkyrieSlew 15 Pink Rathian.
GoldSlew 5 Gold Rathian.
LunarSlew 10 Gold Rathian.
MaidenSlew 15 Gold Rathian.
BasariosSlew 5 Basarios.
HermitSlew 10 Basarios.
YoungSlew 15 Basarios.
SecretiveSlew 5 Ruby Basarios.
RubySlew 10 Ruby Basarios.
Pink RockSlew 15 Ruby Basarios.
NargacugaSlew 5 Nargacuga.
SonicSlew 10 Nargacuga.
InstakillSlew 15 Nargacuga.
GhillieSlew 5 Green Nargacuga.
AfterimageSlew 10 Green Nargacuga.
ThornSlew 15 Green Nargacuga.
GraviosSlew 5 Gravios.
FlameSlew 10 Gravios.
ShellingSlew 15 Gravios.
HeatSlew 5 Black Gravios.
CriticalSlew 10 Black Gravios.
BeamSlew 15 Black Gravios.
RathalosSlew 5 Rathalos.
PrinceSlew 10 Rathalos.
MonarchSlew 15 Rathalos.
SapphireSlew 5 Azure Rathalos.
AnimaSlew 10 Azure Rathalos.
SovereignSlew 15 Azure Rathalos.
SilverSlew 5 Silver Rathalos.
SolSlew 10 Silver Rathalos.
WyvernSlew 15 Silver Rathalos.
BariothSlew 5 Barioth.
WhiteSlew 10 Barioth.
AbsoluteSlew 15 Barioth.
SaberSlew 5 Sand Barioth.
TwisterSlew 10 Sand Barioth.
PaladinSlew 15 Sand Barioth.
TigrexSlew 5 Tigrex.
WildSlew 10 Tigrex.
ResonantSlew 15 Tigrex.
RoarSlew 5 Brute Tigrex.
DarkSlew 10 Brute Tigrex.
Black TigerSlew 15 Brute Tigrex.
BlazeSlew 5 Molten Tigrex.
GiganticSlew 10 Molten Tigrex.
SpeedySlew 15 Molten Tigrex.
DiablosSlew 5 Diablos.
DesertSlew 10 Diablos.
TorqueSlew 15 Diablos.
OnyxSlew 5 Black Diablos.
ViolentSlew 10 Black Diablos.
DevilSlew 15 Black Diablos.
SeregiosSlew 5 Seregios.
KickSlew 10 Seregios.
TornadoSlew 15 Seregios.
MonoblosSlew 5 Monoblos.
ScarletSlew 10 Monoblos.
PridefulSlew 15 Monoblos.
SingleSlew 5 White Monoblos.
HornedSlew 10 White Monoblos.
ShriekSlew 15 White Monoblos.
SandySlew 5 Cephadrome.
DiverSlew 10 Cephadrome.
The DepthsSlew 15 Cephadrome.
RoyalSlew 5 Royal Ludroth.
SirenSlew 10 Royal Ludroth.
Water LionSlew 15 Royal Ludroth.
Poison MistSlew 5 Purple Ludroth.
PainSlew 10 Purple Ludroth.
AsterSlew 15 Purple Ludroth.
AgnaktorSlew 5 Agnaktor.
SparkSlew 10 Agnaktor.
Fiery HellSlew 15 Agnaktor.
ZeroSlew 5 Glacial Agnaktor.
BlizzardSlew 10 Glacial Agnaktor.
AquaSlew 15 Glacial Agnaktor.
LagiacrusSlew 5 Lagiacrus.
WearerSlew 10 Lagiacrus.
OverlordSlew 15 Lagiacrus.
ThunderSlew 5 Ivory Lagiacrus.
FateSlew 10 Ivory Lagiacrus.
RaijinSlew 15 Ivory Lagiacrus.
BarrothSlew 5 Barroth.
TyrantSlew 10 Barroth.
HerculeanSlew 15 Barroth.
IceSlew 5 Jade Barroth.
GlacierSlew 10 Jade Barroth.
PulverizeSlew 15 Jade Barroth.
UragaanSlew 5 Uragaan.
RollingSlew 10 Uragaan.
GavelSlew 15 Uragaan.
BoomstoneDestroyed 5 Powderstones.
BOOOOOMDestroyed 10 Powderstones.
BomberDestroyed 15 Powderstones.
BrachydiosSlew 5 Brachydios.
ObsidianSlew 10 Brachydios.
PompadourSlew 15 Brachydios.
DeviljhoSlew 5 Deviljho.
DestroySlew 10 Deviljho.
DespotSlew 15 Deviljho.
ZinogreSlew 5 Zinogre.
BurstSlew 10 Zinogre.
ZapSlew 15 Zinogre.
HellSlew 5 Stygian Zinogre.
DracobugSlew 10 Stygian Zinogre.
Full ChargeSlew 15 Stygian Zinogre.
ZamtriosSlew 5 Zamtrios.
Rough-skinSlew 10 Zamtrios.
VoluptuousSlew 15 Zamtrios.
NerscyllaSlew 5 Nerscylla.
TrapSlew 10 Nerscylla.
StickySlew 15 Nerscylla.
PoisonSlew 5 Shrouded Nerscylla.
SpiderSlew 10 Shrouded Nerscylla.
BewitchingSlew 15 Shrouded Nerscylla.
KirinSlew 5 Kirin.
JoltSlew 10 Kirin.
FlareSlew 15 Kirin.
SpeedSlew 5 Oroshi Kirin.
GaleSlew 10 Oroshi Kirin.
FrostSlew 15 Oroshi Kirin.
KushalaSlew 5 Kushala Daora.
CycloneSlew 10 Kushala Daora.
SoaringSlew 15 Kushala Daora.
TeostraSlew 5 Teostra.
KaiserSlew 10 Teostra.
Flame KingSlew 15 Teostra.
FatalisSlew 5 Fatalis.
DragoonSlew 10 Fatalis.
SiegfriedSlew 15 Fatalis.
@Available from the start.
@Available from the start.
@Available from the start.
@Available from the start.
@Available from the start.
@Available from the start.
@Available from the start.
@Available from the start.
@Available from the start.
@Available from the start.
@Available from the start.
@Available from the start.
@Completed all Subquests.
AutarchCompleted all Subquests.
@Completed The Tower of Illusion.
ConquerCompleted The Tower of Illusion.
SummitCompleted The Tower of Illusion.
TowerCompleted The Tower of Illusion.
PeakCompleted The Tower of Illusion.
AchieverCompleted The Tower of Illusion.
MirageCompleted The Tower of Illusion.
SpouseCompleted The Tower of Illusion.
GuildCompleted The Tower of Illusion.
KnightCompleted The Tower of Illusion.
Trump CardCompleted The Tower of Illusion.
GeneralCompleted The Tower of Illusion.
ImperialCompleted The Tower of Illusion.
Last ResortCompleted The Tower of Illusion.
PinnacleCompleted The Tower of Illusion.
UnmatchedCompleted The Labyrinth of Ordeals.
EminenceCompleted The Labyrinth of Ordeals.
TrialCompleted The Labyrinth of Ordeals.
FinalCompleted The Labyrinth of Ordeals.
LastCompleted The Labyrinth of Ordeals.
FurthestCompleted The Labyrinth of Ordeals.
UnexploredCompleted The Labyrinth of Ordeals.
DiscoveredCompleted The Labyrinth of Ordeals.
VirtuosoCompleted The Labyrinth of Ordeals.
FortuneCompleted The Labyrinth of Ordeals.
DeityCompleted The Labyrinth of Ordeals.
ExceedCompleted The Labyrinth of Ordeals.
SecretCompleted The Labyrinth of Ordeals.
ConcealedCompleted The Labyrinth of Ordeals.
GuideCompleted The Labyrinth of Ordeals.
ResearcherCompleted The Labyrinth of Ordeals.
@Acquired all Monsties.
MonstieAcquired all Monsties.
PoogieCompleted the Encyclopoogia.
101Completed the Encyclopoogia.
@Achieved Bronze Class in The Arena.
Low GradeAchieved Bronze Class in The Arena.
SilverAchieved Silver Class in The Arena.
Black BeltAchieved Silver Class in The Arena.
GoldAchieved Gold Class in The Arena.
ExpertAchieved Gold Class in The Arena.
PlatinumAchieved Platinum Class in The Arena.
Arena KingAchieved Platinum Class in The Arena.
@Available from the start.
@Available from the start.
@Available from the start.
@Available from the start.
@Available from the start.
@Available from the start.
@Available from the start.
@Available from the start.
@Available from the start.
@Available from the start.
@Available from the start.
@Available from the start.
@Available from the start.
@Available from the start.
@Acquired via download.
@Acquired via download.
@Acquired via download.
@Acquired via download.
@Acquired via download.
@Acquired via download.
@Acquired via download.
PuzzleAcquired via download.
OrbAcquired via download.
ComboAcquired via download.
Dragon CallAcquired via download.
AdventAcquired via download.
AwakeningAcquired via download.
UltimateAcquired via download.
Skull KidAcquired via download.
OcarinaAcquired via download.
TriforceAcquired via download.
ZeldaAcquired via download.
LegendAcquired via download.
LinkAcquired via download.
HyruleAcquired via download.
@Acquired via download.
@Acquired via download.
@Acquired via download.
@Acquired via download.
@Acquired via download.
@Acquired via download.
@Acquired via download.
XAcquired via download.
Hunter ArtAcquired via download.
StyleAcquired via download.
ProwlerAcquired via download.
GourmewAcquired via download.
CatalinaAcquired via download.
TraBelnaAcquired via download.
Fan ClubAcquired via download.
ChiefAcquired via download.
MemberAcquired via download.
ManagerAcquired via download.
GirlAcquired via download.
@Acquired via download.
@Acquired via download.
@Acquired via download.
@Acquired via download.
@Acquired via download.
@Acquired via download.
@Acquired via download.
@Acquired via download.
@Acquired via download.
Capcom TVAcquired via download.
ConnectAcquired via download.
JumpAcquired via download.
PirateAcquired via download.
V JumpAcquired via download.
SaikyoAcquired via download.
Welcome!Acquired via download.
SuperAcquired via download.
RadicalAcquired via download.
Gag FamilyAcquired via download.
ChampionAcquired via download.
Himouto!Acquired via download.
LayaboutAcquired via download.
UmaruAcquired via download.
BrotherAcquired via download.
U.M.RAcquired via download.
FamitsuAcquired via download.
EmblemAcquired via download.
Approved!Acquired via download.
FameAcquired via download.
Hunt ClubAcquired via download.
DengekiAcquired via download.
LightningAcquired via download.
PolytanAcquired via download.
StrategyAcquired via download.
GoroAcquired via download.
@Acquired via download.
@Acquired via download.
@Acquired via download.
@Acquired via download.
@Acquired via download.
@Acquired via download.
@Acquired via download.
@Acquired via download.
@Acquired via download.
@Acquired via download.
@Acquired via download.
@Acquired via download.
@Acquired via download.
@Acquired via download.
@Acquired via download.
@Acquired via download.
@Acquired via download.
@Acquired via download.
@Available from the start.
@Available from the start.
@Available from the start.
@Available from the start.
@Available from the start.
@Available from the start.
@Available from the start.
@Available from the start.
@Available from the start.
@Available from the start.
@Available from the start.
@Available from the start.
@Available from the start.
@Available from the start.
@Available from the start.
@Available from the start.
@Available from the start.
@Available from the start.
@Available from the start.
@Available from the start.
@Available from the start.
@Available from the start.
@Available from the start.
@Available from the start.
@Available from the start.
@Available from the start.
@Available from the start.
@Available from the start.
@Available from the start.
@Available from the start.
@Available from the start.
@Available from the start.
@Available from the start.
@Available from the start.
@Available from the start.
@Available from the start.
@Available from the start.
@Available from the start.
@Available from the start.
@Available from the start.
@Available from the start.
@Available from the start.
@Available from the start.
@Available from the start.
@Available from the start.
@Available from the start.
@Available from the start.
@Available from the start.
@Available from the start.
@Available from the start.
@Available from the start.
@Available from the start.
@Available from the start.
@Available from the start.
@Available from the start.
@Available from the start.
@Available from the start.
@Available from the start.
@Available from the start.
@Available from the start.
@Available from the start.
@Available from the start.
@Available from the start.
@Available from the start.
@Available from the start.
@Available from the start.
@Available from the start.
@Available from the start.
@Available from the start.

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