Traveler's CharmIn recognition of your departure from Hakum. A new journey begins here.
Guild EmblemIn recognition of your Gildegaran visit. A heavily "guilded" emblem.
Autumnal BookmarkIn recognition of your Oasum visit. A gloriously autumnal bookmark.
Withered Tree BranchIn recognition of your Albarax visit. A dried twig symbolic of the village.
Mineral BroochIn recognition of your Geo-Fulkright visit. Minerals make many medals!
Cat's PowerstoneIn recognition of your visit to Koapni. A purrfectly pelagic powerstone.
Shining Kinship StoneIn recognition of completing the main story. Kinship lights the Rider's way.
Wood MedalIn recognition of your first Subquest. Good job, but still a long way to go!
Copper MedalIn recognition of your completing 10 Subquests. Getting there, eh?
Crystal MedalIn recognition of your completing. 30 Subquests. Getting good at this, eh?
Bronze MedalIn recognition of your completing 50 Subquests. You're simply the best!
Silver MedalIn recognition of your completing 100 Subquests. Better than all the rest!
Gold MedalIn recognition of your completing 150 Subquests. Stop already!
Friend of DebliIn recognition of the Debli Subquest. Ya still don't boogie the Poogie!
Friend of AviniaIn recognition of Avinia's Subquest. Muchos mutual assistance. Nice!
Friend of RevertoIn recognition of Reverto's Subquest. Learning the Hunter's way...
Friend of SimoneIn recognition of Simone's Subquest. The endless pursuit of the unknown!
Friend of The ChannelerIn recognition of The Channeler's Subquest. A new Riddle Master!
Three Star RiderIn recognition of completing all of the Subquests. Un-be-lie-va-ble!
Beautiful Tree BranchIn recognition of restoring Albarax. A leafy twig symbolic of the village.
Secret Scroll of BondsIn recognition of clearing The Tower of Illusion. Reached the summit!
Secret Scroll of AdventurersIn recognition of clearing The Labyrinth of Ordeals. A-mazily good!
Herbivore EncyclopediaFor slaying an Herbivore. A record of the gentle genus.
Lynian EncyclopediaFor slaying a Lynian. A record of humanity's kith and kin.
Neopteron EncyclopediaFor slaying a Neopteron. A record of the bug-like genus.
Carapaceon EncyclopediaFor slaying a Carapaceon. A shiny, shelly record.
Fanged Beast EncyclopediaFor slaying a Fanged Beast. A sharp, toothy record.
Bird Wyvern EncyclopediaFor slaying a Bird Wyvern. A record of the beaky ones.
Flying Wyvern EncyclopediaFor slaying a Flying Wyvern. A record of the winged.
Piscine Wyvern EncyclopediaFor slaying a Piscine Wyvern. A record of the fishy ones.
Leviathan EncyclopediaFor slaying a Leviathan. A record of the marine monsters.
Brute Wyvern EncyclopediaFor slaying a Brute Wyvern. A beastly, brutish record.
Fanged Wyvern EncyclopediaFor slaying a Fanged Wyvern. A four-footed, tusky record.
Amphibian EncyclopediaFor slaying a Amphibian. A record of the versatile genus.
Temnoceran EncyclopediaFor slaying a Temnoceran. A record of the crafty Temnoceran genus.
Elder Dragon EncyclopediaFor slaying your first Elder Dragon. A record of the Elder Dragon genus.
Subspecies ReportFor defeating all subspecies. A record file on all monster subspecies.
Rare Subspecies ReportFor defeating all rare subspecies. Record of the rarest monsters.
Black GrimoireFor the slaying of the Makili Pietru. A grim, gory, gruesome grimoire.
A Mewing (?) BarrelIn recognition of saving 10 Barrel Felynes. Roll out the barrel...
Gambler's ShieldIn recognition of five consecutive Head-to-Head wins. Headbanger!
Coordination ShieldIn recognition of executing a Double Attack. Keep up the great teamwork!
Kinship ShieldFor executing 10 Kinship Skills successfully. United in victory.
Victor's CrestIn recognition of winning 500 battles. For those who seldom know defeat.
Supreme CrestFor obtaining S Rank in 50 battles. A crest to commemorate your style.
Great Sword SymbolIn recognition of completing 10 Great Sword combos. Hack and slash!
Sword & Shield SymbolRecognition for completing 10 Sword & Shield combos. Slash and bash!
Hammer SymbolIn recognition of your completing 10 Hammer combos. Clatter and clang!
Hunting Horn SymbolIn recognition of your completing 10 Hunting Horn combos. Rootle-tootle!
Herbivore Rider PlaqueFor your Kinship with every Herbivore Monstie. A grassy stone plaque.
Fanged Beast Rider PlaqueFor your Kinship with every Fanged Beast Monstie. A toothy stone slab.
Bird Wyvern Rider PlaqueFor Kinship with every Bird Wyvern Monstie. A feathery stone plaque.
Flying Wyvern Rider PlaqueFor Kinship with every Flying Wyvern Monstie. A winged stone plaque.
Piscine Wyvern Rider PlaqueFor Kinship with all Piscine Wyvern Monsties. A fishy stone plaque.
Leviathan Rider PlaqueFor Kinship with every Leviathan Monstie. Thar she blows!
Brute Wyvern Rider PlaqueFor Kinship with every Brute Wyvern Monstie. A brutish stone plaque.
Fanged Wyvern Rider PlaqueFor Kinship with all Fanged Wyvern Monsties. From a fan of fangs.
Amphibian Rider PlaqueFor Kinship with every Amphibian Monstie. A wet but dry stone plaque.
Temnoceran Rider PlaqueFor Kinship with every Temnoceran Monstie. A web of stone plaques.
Elder Dragon Rider PlaqueFor Kinship with every Elder Dragon Monstie. An old, draconic stela.
Monster Rider PlaqueFor your Kinship with every Monstie. Unquestionably a Rider.
Mark of the First CryFor hatching your first egg. A broody seal for the mother in all of us.
Mark of the Golden CryFor hatching 30 eggs. Awarded to the progenitor par excellence.
Courier Master's StatueFor acquiring 50 eggs from Monster's Dens. Peerless in your pilfering.
Inheritance TokenFor mastering the Rite of Channeling. Evidence of your excellent erudition.
Ancient Bingo CardFor achieving bingo in the Rite of Channeling. Magnify those Monsties!
Kinship Gene JewelFor collecting all Kinship Genes. The mysteries dwell within this red jewel.
Top Rider PrizeFor raising a Monstie to Level 99. Pushing limits to their, err, limits!
Great Sword TrophyFor making your first Great Sword. Slice, slash, sever, stab.
Sword & Shield TrophyFor making your first Sword & Shield. Intense combos for your delectation.
Hammer TrophyFor making your first Hammer. Try its heavy strikes for - not on - yourself.
Hunting Horn TrophyFor making your first Hunting Horn. Play yourself an itty bitty ditty.
Armor TrophyFor making your first set of armor. Trust in it, you made it, after all...
Battle Gear RoyaltyFor acquiring a rarity 7 weapon or armor. A kingly achievement indeed!
Accessory RoyaltyFor acquiring a rarity 8 accessory. A queenly achievement indeed.
Egg CupFor completing your first egg from fragments. A golden egg of success.
Fragment EncyclopediaFor collecting 50 egg fragments. An ovoid fragmentary encyclopedia.
Ruby CrystalFor acquiring your first Ritual Item. Monstie power in crimson form.
Jade CrystalFor collecting 10 Ritual Items. Monstie power in jade green form.
Diamond CrystalFor collecting 50 Ritual Items. Monstie power in bright white form.
Combination CookbookFor collecting all recipes. Proof of your mastery over all items.
EncyclopoogiaFor completing the Encyclopoogia. A compilation of blood, sweat & oinks.
Monster EncyclopediaFor completing the Monsterpedia. Everything known about monsters.
Bronze Lunar CupFor winning Bronze at the Rider Arena. Good, but it's not silver...
Silver Star CupFor winning Silver at the Rider Arena. Good, but it's not Gold...
Golden Sun CupFor winning Gold at the Rider Arena. Good, but it's not Platinum...
Platinum Paradise CupFor winning Platinum at the Rider Arena. Now this really IS good!
Jade ShieldFor winning 10 times in Versus Mode at the Rider Arena. Respect!
Sapphire ShieldFor winning 30 times in Versus Mode at the Rider Arena. More respect!
Silver Forager's BadgeFor gathering items 100 times. The embodiment of insatiable curiosity.
Gold Forager's BadgeFor gathering items 300 times. Ahh, the joy of finding new materials!
Zenny-Pinching PouchFor accumulating 1,000,000z. Next round of bumblepumpkins is on you!
Monstie Adventure TalesFor an Awesome Expedition Party result. Illegible Monstie scribbles.
Monstie Epic TalesFor an Awesome Expedition Party result: all fields. Monstie novel. Bad.
Catavaner's CapFor riding the Catavan 10 times. A cap brimming with Catavaner pride.
Miniature Catavan StandFor visiting all Catavan Stands. Many thanks for your pawtronage.
Angler's StatueFor a Great fishing result 10 times. See things from a different angle.
Angling Champion's StatueFor a Great fishing result 30 times. You're angling for greatness.
Griller's StatueFor your 20 Well-done Steaks at the Grillhouse. Grillmeister greatness!
Grillmeister's StatueFor you 10 Seasoned Steaks at the Grillhouse. Saucily superb!

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